FASHION CHOICES AND STRATEGY: The difference between Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama

Featured photo: 10 Downing Street website of UK Prime Minister

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

President Barack Obama’s press conference yesterday was an amazing show of lack of initiative, both symbolically and verbally. Obama appeared at the podium in a beige suit, which is used in the business world to blend in and avoid attention. The social media world was exploding with comments about his beige suit.

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Then, Obama went on to say that he still did not have a strategy to deal with ISIS– whom Obama referred to as a Junior Varsity team earlier this year. In the meantime, ISIS is advancing through Iraq and Syria, terrorizing and controlling territories, erasing national borders, executing people en masse and making it practically impossible for aid to reach victims.

On the Russian front, Obama feels that sanctions will take care of Vladimir Putin– but so far, this has not deterred Putin from carving out pieces of Ukraine and swallowing them up.

President Obama essentially left the American people cold.

Today the United Kingdom raised its threat level to severe- and as I write this brief commentary Prime Minister Cameron is holding a press conference.

The first thing one noticed was Cameron’s choice of a dark suit and a dark tie– which in the world of political public perception represents seriousness and power.

Cameron did not have a teleprompter in front of him. Once he got passed the de rigueur “Islam is a religion of peace” statement (has he spoken to the women of Saudi Arabia, etc.,?) Cameron went on to deliver his message with clarity and determination.

Cameron said that the ISIS threat cannot be solved with foreign policy alone, because we are facing violent religious extremism, which is a great and deep threat to the security of Europe and the world, by seeking to establish itself at the edge of the Mediterranean.

Cameron called for a tough, intelligent and comprehensive approach which will involve a generational struggle, and provided examples of the multiple steps that are being taken to keep the British homeland safe, including confiscation of passports, and denial of entry and/or citizenship, to those who present a threat to the British homeland. Cameron stated that he will do whatever it takes to keep the British people safe.

Without question, Prime Minister Cameron’s press conference made President Obama’s press conference look like a Junior Varsity practice session.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Official photo of United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, from 10 Downing Street website.
Official photo of United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, from 10 Downing Street website.


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