It’s 7:00pm in Havana…

… do you know what’s happening inside the local political prison?

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Marielena Montesino de Stuart


By Marielena Montesino de Stuart


While Americans– as private citizens, members of the business community and politicians are pouring into Cuba with morbid curiosity for the communist island prison, a group of 126 former political prisoners has written a letter to Barack Obama on the first anniversary of his establishment of the new U.S. Cuba Policy with Castro’s Communist regime.

When you reach the end of the letter you will find the name of each political prisoner and the number of years they served, which total 1,945. Add to that the years served by members of my immediate family and thousands of others who are now dead.


December 17, 2015

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of United States of America
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President:

Based on our history and experience as political prisoners under Castro’s totalitarian regime, the new Cuba policy established by your Administration has been a regrettable mistake. This will prolong the life of the dictatorship, is worsening the human rights situation there, marginalizing the democratic opposition and compromising U.S. national security.

The normalization of relations is creating false expectations and granting benefits to the tyrannical regime in Cuba; it is also allowing the Paris Club to forgive billions in debt providing the regime hard currency which it funnels into its most repressive institutions: the military and intelligence services giving new life to what were dying institutions. Human rights violations in Cuba have a terrible history, but the current policy has taken a bad situation and made it worse. Violent beatings against activists peacefully assembling have escalated and worsened over 2015.

Politically motivated arbitrary detentions in Cuba as of the end of November 2015 are a documented total of 7,686 and are on track to break the previous record set in 2014 with 8,899 arrests. Over the course of this year the number of detentions have escalated: 178 in January; 492 in February; 610 in March; 338 in April; 641 in May; 563 in June; 674 in July; 768 in August; 882 in September; 1,093 in October; and 1,447 in November. Political prisoners continue to be a reality in Cuba.

Despite the claim that there would be continued support for improved human rights and democratic reforms in Cuba the past year has demonstrated otherwise. Inviting the Castro regime to the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama in April of 2015, violated the democratic ideals of the summit. The dictatorship’s anti-democratic and violent nature was made evident during the Summit with Cuban nationals and U.S. citizens beaten up by state security and requiring hospitalization and summit events interrupted by acts of repudiation organized by the Castro regime. The U.S. government responses were low level pro-forma protests while President Obama met with Raul Castro as an equal.

The Administration’s new Cuba policy over the past year has compromised U.S. national security. First, commuting Gerardo Hernandez’s two life sentences; he was convicted for among other things conspiracy to murder three U.S. citizens and one resident of the U.S., and returning him to Cuba where he received a hero’s welcome in what was an immense propaganda victory for the Castro regime, sending a dangerous signal to those who would harm Americans.

Secondly, removing Cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list on May 29, 2015 despite: 1) the Castro regime being caught smuggling heavy weapons and ammunition through Colombia on February 28, 2015. 2) Being linked to international drug trafficking along with its client state Venezuela as reported on January 27, 2015. 3) Being in violation of UN international sanctions to North Korea on July 15, 2013 when caught smuggling tons of weapons and ammunition including ballistic missile technology. Ignoring this will get more Americans killed and undermine U.S. interests.

Finally, having the US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas meet with the Castro regime’s Interior Minister Major General Carlos Fernandez Gondin in what was officially described as a visit of collaboration and engagement sends worrisome signals that should concern those who care about national security. Gondin has a history of engaging in the mistreatment of opposition activists and has an agenda to undermine U.S. interests, legitimizing him with an official visit sends a terrible message.

We the undersigned are political prisoners who collectively have served 1,945 years in prison for resisting the Castro dictatorship and fighting for democracy in our homeland of Cuba. We are writing this letter out of a deep conviction that this new U.S. Cuba policy will not only harm Cuban aspirations for a free and democratic Cuba while worsening human rights there but also endanger American lives.


(Name, Years in Political Prison)

Orestes Abreu, 5
Israel Abreu Villarreal, 14
Dr. José Aguiar, 15
Nicolás Aguiar, 15
Ángel Alfonso Alemán, 18
Miguel Álvarez Cardentey , 24
Bernardo Álvares Perdomo, 10
Francisco Álvarez Rojas, 13
Jorge Arrastía, 15
Ángel Ávalos, 17
Gabriel Astengo, 9
José Bello, 9
Emilio Bringas, 15
Rodolfo Camps Verdecia, 9
Aurelio Candelaria Velázquez, 18
Héctor Carbonell, 5
Carlos Casanova, 20
Pedro Castillo, 20
Orlando Castro, 10
Joaquín Chanyín, 18
Georgina Cid, 15
Pedro Corzo, 7
Enrique Cosío, 13
René Cruz Cruz, 17
Ángel Cuadra Landrove, 29
Ileana Curra Luzón, 3
Pascual Ovidio Delgado, 16
Ángel F. De Fana, 20
José M. Del Pino Martínez, 19
Jesús Díaz Martínez, 14
Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez, 22
Vicente Echerri, 2.5
Cándido Elejalde, 12
Guillermo Estévez, 19
Mario Fajardo, 17
Jorge Fernández, 6
José L. Fernández, 6
Oneida Fernández, 10
Alberto Fibla González, 26
Osvaldo Figueroa, 24
José Luis Fornell, 12
Pedro Fuentes Cid, 16
Ángel García Martínez, 10
Hiran González, 11 months
Teodoro González Alvarado, 16
Jesús González Martínez, 15
Rubén Gonzalo García, 18
Elias Gonzalo García, 14
Alberto Grau, 25
Manuel F. Guevara, 29
Jorge Gutiérrez Izaguirre, 18
José A. Gutiérrez Solana, 10
Basilio Guzmán Marrero, 22
Jorge Guzmán Chaple, 13
Ambrosio Guzmán, 15
Rafael Hernández , 4
Sergio Hernández, 12
Dasio René Hernández Peña, 28
Servando Infante, 18
Kemel Jamis Bernal, 14
José A. Jiménez, 12
Roberto Jiménez, 17
Tobías Junco, 10
Antonio Lamas, 22
Gloria Lassales, 6
Isidoro López, 2
Pedro López González, 10
Pedro Juan López Díaz, 10
Reinaldo López Lima, 23
Antonio López Muñoz, 27
Jesús Lucena, 18
Maritza Lugo, 5
Carlos Fausto Mariscal, 28
Ino Martel Casuso, 6
Domingo Martínez, 9
Leuterio Martínez, 12
Teodoro Martínez, 16
Emilio Martínez Venega, 14
Luis Massón, 6
Eduardo Ochoa, 9
Ángel Pardo Mazorra, 24
Ramón Méndez Pimentel, 26
Ricardo Montero Duque, 25
Eduardo Morales, 6
Alejandro Moreno Maya, 18
Olga Morgan, 14
Sixto Nicot, 18
Emelina Núñez, 6
Pablo Palmiere, 18
Roberto Martín Pérez, 28
Ildefonso Pérez, 6
Roberto Perdomo, 28
Roberto Pizano, 18
Carlos Pons, 20
Ramón (Rino) Puig, 15
Pablo Prieto Castillo, 26
José L. Pujals Mederos, 27
J. René Ramos, 21
Hernán Reyes, 8
Roger Reyes, 20
José del Río, 15
Agapito Rivera, 25
Agustín Robaina, 15
Ofelia Rodríguez, 14
Nelson Rodríguez Pérez, 9
Jesús Rodríguez Beruvides, 16
Tebelio Rodríguez San Román, 15
Aracely Rodríguez San Román, 15
Gerardo Rodríguez San Román, 15
Rodolfo Rodríguez San Román, 15
José O. Rodríguez Terreiro, 10
Ana María Rojas, 12
Nellys Rojas Morales, 9
Caridad Roque, 16
Alvin Ros, 6
Enrique Ruano Gutiérrez, 8
Ariel Semanat, 18
Evaristo Sotolongo, 16
Arturo Suárez Ramos, 23
Luis M. Tapia, 11
Efraín Taquechel, 10
Ricardo Toledo, 9
Armando Yong, 21



Someone has to say the truth…

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Ukraine in the Key of G

Special Report

A political story told through music

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Marielena Montesino de Stuart

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Let’s talk about “socialist realism”

The choices that Ukraine faces are representative of the times:

Domination by European Union socialist economists– and “gender equality enforcers”


Domination by a former Soviet KGB agent

Ukraine, a country which is politically, culturally and ethnically divided comes out losing once again– no matter which way she turns.

Ukraine is being torn between two powers fighting for control of the same objective:


This is particularly distressing when we consider Ukraine’s past and the massive Holomodor (extermination by starvation) that Ukrainians suffered under Stalin during the Soviet period.

Now, consider the economic and moral impoverishment that the Ukrainians will face under the socialist public policies of the European Union (ask the Greeks and the Spaniards).

And if you still have any doubts about the socialist intentions of both Vladimir Putin in Russia and the European Union, notice the company they both keep.

This past week Putin docked his spy ship in Fidel Castro’s Havana Harbor. [1]

Ah, but you say… surely the Russians are just picking up some rum.

Actually, no. Russia has a strong diplomatic, economic and strategic relationship with Cuba’s Communist government. Russia is one of Castro’s strongest advocates against the symbolic U.S. embargo. In fact, Russia considers Cuba such an important geopolitical partner that it forgave Cuba’s $29 billion debt in December 2013. [2] [3]

Oh, Marielena… Marielena– how can you say this, when Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church are promoting faith and morality?

Ah yes, the Russian Orthodox Church was also promoting faith and morality while it acted as the biggest arm of the KGB during the Soviet period– helping send untold thousands to their deaths and to the Gulags. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin was also standing by as a loyal KGB agent.

And for the Catholics among us, let us not forget that it was the Russian Orthodox patriarchate of Moscow which demanded that the Second Vatican Council remove any and all denouncements against communism. In fact, Russian Orthodox “observers” were invited to take prominent seats, during the Second Vatican Council sessions. [4]

Anyone who has entered through the door of Good and Evil at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome would have seen the relief on the door honoring a Russian Orthodox “observer” seated between John XXIII and Paul VI. [4]

Communist tendencies in the Russian Orthodox hierarchy have persisted to this day, as we witnessed during Patriarch Kirill’s visit  to Beijing, where he met with China’s President, Xi Jinping, on May 10, 2013– in order to get Beijing’s blessing for the Russian Orthodox Church in China.  This is another example of the great deceit called the “Sino-Soviet divide.” [4]

The modern history of the Russian Orthodox Church is one of shameless duplicity, while preaching faith and morality. 

My dear reader, don’t be pulled into the river of emotions.  This is how many faithful Christians are led to believe in farcical victories by impostors dressed as modern crusaders, who are socialists to the core. This is precisely how the Roman Catholic Church has been destroyed from within, for more than fifty years.

I also do not see Francis at the Vatican acting in a manner that would ensure an authentic consecration of Russia, as requested by Our Heavenly Mother in Fatima. As Catholics, it is our profound belief that this is the only hope for Russia.

I do not believe that Vladimir Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church can be trusted, based on their duplicitous actions outlined above, which continue as I write these words.

Meanwhile, European Union officials are reinvigorating their love affair with Cuba’s murderous Marxist government by sending their educational and cultural emissaries to the Communist island prison. [5]

Ah, but you say… surely this cultural and educational interest in Cuba, on the part of EU officials, is simply so that they can “dialogue” and learn how to do the mambo.

Well, you are partly right.

The Castro government hides the horrendous crimes committed against the Cuban people behind the aggressive promotion of the voluptuous natural beauty of the island, the effervescent character of its people, and Cuban music. That irresistible Cuban beat always does it.

But Cuba means more than mambo to the EU.

Cuba is the European Union’s strongest geopolitical ally in the Western Hemisphere for the advancement of Sustainable Development, which is the massive international socialist United Nations initiative aimed at controlling population growth, food production and consumption, private property, the sovereignty of nations, education, culture– and every aspect of human life on the planet– all in the name of “sustainable” environmental stewardship.

After all, how else are globalists going to control entire regions?

The socialists have even written the music to go along with their plans.

A socialist musical interlude

Life is not just a war of words, is it? And the socialists know it.

They know that appealing to your emotions is a key factor– because if they allow you to analyze carefully the words they use (“sustainable,” “equal,” “social justice,” “gender equality”) you would be running desperately in the opposite direction. These words amount to nothing but complete subservience to the pecuniary and moral plans of the state.

So, as we ponder the choices that the long-suffering people of Ukraine face, we shall do it not just with words– but with music, because socialism is all about smoke, mirrors and emotions.

Join Marielena Montesino de Stuart’s Special List of Readers.

Let us listen to the Dance of the Knights, part of the Romeo and Juliet ballet suites by Sergei Prokofiev, a famous 20th Century Ukrainian-born composer who chose to live under Soviet domination– after having been given the opportunity to live in the United States, Germany and France. Upon his return to the Soviet Union, Prokofiev subjected his musical works to the guidelines of “socialist realism.” [6]

But Marielena, where are you taking me?

You see, this “socialist realism” — when applied to music– is a political extension of the doctrine of the affections, a theory of musical aesthetics promoted by late Baroque theorists and composers, which argues that music is capable of arousing a variety of specific emotions within the listener. The central point of this doctrine is the notion that the composer is capable of manipulating a piece of music, in order to bring about a specific involuntary emotional response in the listener. [7]

Communists love the idea of socialist realism through  “involuntary emotional responses.”

And socialist realism is the key to the domination of Ukraine– as well as the rest of the world, with such involuntary emotional responses as you have seen in the streets of Kiev. Involuntary. Yes. Because the Ukrainian people have been emotionally conditioned to react and follow powers that can bail them out.

This is what happens when several generations are born under Communist domination. They learn to “choose”– but they lose the will to fight for REAL sovereignty and freedom.

It’s what Fidel Castro calls the “new man.” The new man who only knows how to choose between socialism… and socialism.

I speak from experience, having lived under Fidel Castro’s bloody Communist regime.

The truth is that the Ukrainian people are staring into an abyss– because when it comes to Russia and the European Union, neither one can be trusted.

An ominous musical score has already been written for the Ukrainians– and for you.

Can you hear the sound of your beating heart, and theirs, marching in unison for the socialist motherland?

Someone has to say the truth…


Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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