KEEP DRAINING THAT SWAMP, PRESIDENT TRUMP. KEEP DRAINING IT: James B. Comey’s Testimony is A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Featured photo: James B. Comey (left), alongside President Obama (center) and outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller (right) at Comey's nomination to become FBI Director, June 21, 2013

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

We got a taste of recently-fired FBI Director James B. Comey’s upcoming testimony– through the release of his “Statement for the Record” for tomorrow’s hearing. Seven pages of wasted paper, just to tell us that President Trump confirmed that he had nothing to do with Russian hookers.

Keep draining that swamp, President Trump. Keep draining it.

Someone has to say the truth…
Marielena Montesino de Stuart


Statement for the Record Senate Select Committee on Intelligence James B. Comey June 8, 2017





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