The Plight of Christian Refugees in Pakistan

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

There is no doubt that the persecution of Christians has intensified all over the world.

Pakistanis who convert to Christianity suffer terrible persecution inside their country. Their only chance of survival is to flee. Many of these Pakistani Christians seek refuge in Thailand where they wait as UN-registered asylum seekers to be processed by the UNHCR (the UN High Commissioner for Refugees)– but the UN can take years to process their documents. In the meantime they suffer inhume treatment inside Thailand.
It appears that the United Nations does not place sufficient importance on the processing of Christian refugees– compared to the quick actions they have taken in Europe on behalf of Muslim refugees fleeing war-torn areas in the Middle East.
Again, the United Nations– which is supposed to practice “social justice”– seems to apply their justice on a selective basis.

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Speaking as a former political refugee…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart


Speaking as a former political refugee, the United Nations’ structural integration of humanity as a dominant socialist utopia has failed.

Most (if not all) of the refugee camps in Europe are relying on private organizations to rescue and keep refugees / migrants alive.

Refugee child in Grande Synthe Refugee Camp in France

The United Nations has failed again.

Source: Speaking as a former political refugee… by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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GREECE IN A SEA OF DESPAIR: The truth about Socialism and the EU

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Greece cannot rescue herself, nor others

A lady told me recently that she spends about five months in Greece every year.  I asked for her observations of the current economic state in Greece– and she responded that it is terrible–  “but if you go to the right places you don’t feel the effects of the poverty.”

If you go to the “right” places?

I was distraught to hear such a comment, since my own experiences of traveling through mainland Greece and its islands were enriched by going off the beaten path– to small villages and towns that few ever visit. The only way to truly understand the richness of a country and its people is by mixing with the locals, by eating their food and learning their language, as well as their culture. This is what always left in me a deep longing to keep going back.

Tragically, the Greek people have become victims of socialist policies that are destroying their nation. These policies were implemented by the EU autocrats– under the disguise of “progressive” initiatives, such as Sustainable Development, a United Nations program which aims to control entire regions,  starting slowly on a local level. By the time Greek citizens woke up they were trapped in a maze of laws and regulations, which brought on higher taxes– and restricted their individual freedom.  Today, Greece is a fragile country, with a sense of hopelessness, made only worse by the increase in crime. This may explain the comment “if you go to the right places.”

Greece began to lose her sovereignty when it embraced socialist policies. The Greek economy is in ruins– as it tries to navigate a protracted recession that has left more than 60 percent of young Greeks without employment. In addition, the moral and cultural consequences are overwhelming.

Meanwhile, refugees from war-torn regions like Syria and Afghanistan continue to arrive on the shores of Greece, trying to save themselves from certain death.  I know this situation much too well, since the Strait of Florida is a cemetery where hundreds of thousands of Cubans rest, after trying to escape from Castro’s murderous Communist dictatorship.

Unfortunately, Greece is the entry point for nearly 90 percent of illegal immigrants who seek asylum in the European Union– and Greece is ill-equipped to handle this additional human tragedy. Meanwhile, the bureaucrats in Belgium are wringing their hands, trying to investigate and point fingers, through various human rights commissions and task forces, as the refugee death toll mounts in failed rescue efforts.  This chaotic situation is made worse when one considers that the Greek Coast Guard must feel demoralized, as it receives many of its marching orders from the European Union– which sees Greece as another welfare state that can be scolded whenever it does not comply with EU orders.

And what is Greece to do when her every action must pass muster with the EU bureaucrats?

Greece is on the threshold of another bailout loan, which would add a $20.6 billion dollar tag to the price of its rescue. But Greeks have grown weary of the “troika” that represents Greece’s creditors– that is, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) as well as the European Central Bank and the EU Commission.  Indeed, the austerity measures imposed by these entities have thrown the Greeks into an economic death spiral, known as the socialist abyss.

How tragic that refugees, hoping for a better life in Europe, are crossing the Aegean towards Greece from other countries– only to find that the Greeks are floating in their own sea of despair.

Someone has to say the truth…

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