Vladimir Putin visits Fidel and Raúl Castro: The Love Affair Continues

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Old flames never die...

Ahhhh, I’ve missed you Raúl.  I’ve missed you too, Vlad.

As a survivor of Fidel Castro’s murderous Communist dictatorship– and as one who opposes the aggressive and oppressive international agenda of the homosexual collective against those who disagree with homosexual “marriage”–- I am appalled at the level of ignorance from those who are throwing their support behind Putin and his KGB-infested Russian Orthodox Church, as a solution to this catastrophe. These individuals are basing their enthusiasm on Putin’s farcical Christian proclamations of Russia as a moral world leader.  

And for those out there who are running out of excuses– NO, MY CRITICISM OF PUTIN DOES NOT MEAN that Washington and the European Union hold the MORAL high ground. Not at all.

Well, well, well. Surprise. Surprise.

Let’s see what alibi the fans of Vladimir Putin come up with this time. These impressionable and terribly uninformed individuals are falling on their knees, kissing Vladimir Putin’s feet and declaring him their new Christian hero– while Putin kisses communist murderers.

You see, it’s summer time– and the Russians are getting restless for tropical weather, as well as for new financial and military horizons where they can flex their muscles. That is exactly what Vladimir Putin is doing. So he headed straight to Havana– as the first stop in his tour of Latin America.

In Cuba, Putin enjoyed the island breezes, as well as the warm friendship and eternal gratitude of Fidel and Raúl Castro– who are just tickled pink to see their old friend Putin arrive bearing gifts like Santa Claus in the middle of the summer– that is, gifts of pecuniary forgiveness and promises to help finance an adventure down an oil rabbit hole, in Cuba’s coastal waters.

The Telegraph reports [information in brackets added for clarification]:

Mr. Putin laid a wreath at Revolution Square in Havana [Havana’s Memorial to the Soviet Internationalist Soldier] with Raúl Castro, the communist island’s president, and later met for an hour behind closed doors with his older brother Fidel, the long-time former dictator.

The visit was far from ceremonial as Russia agreed to write off 90 per cent of the impoverished island’s $35 billion (£20 billion) debts to Moscow and announced a series of oil and trade initiatives with its ally, a staunch supporter of Mr. Putin during the Ukraine crisis.

Vladimir Putin is playing his devout Christian followers like a drum.

On one hand, Putin claims to oppose homosexuality in Russia and issues proclamations about “Christianity.”  On the other hand, he praises murderous, corrupt communist despots like Fidel and Raúl Castro– whose government pays for homosexual men to have sex-change operations– then incarcerates and tortures them when they dare to complain about government oppression. Is this the fulfillment of Castro’s dream for the creation of a “new man” in his Marxist utopia?

But we, too, have a “new man” in our midst.  The one who has emerged from the pews to support a former KGB thug like Vladimir Putin– who loves and supports Fidel Castro.

Someone has to say the truth…

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