DEATH AND DESTRUCTION: What the Socialists (“progressives”) deliver to Europe and the world

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Socialist political correctness brings death and destruction

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Manuel Valls is the very Socialist Prime Minister of France. Keep in mind that the Socialists are responsible for opening the flood gates for the Islamic migration to Europe. Here are some of the words that Prime Minister Valls had the nerve to say to the French people following the massacre in Nice, which took place 11 days ago.  (Excerpts from The Telegraph in London):

French Prime Minister warns terrorism will be part of French daily life for a long time

Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, has warned the country that it will have to live with the constant threat of terrorism for a long time.

Interviewed by Journal du Dimanche, Mr Valls painted a gloomy picture of the the future [sic].

“The terrorism threat is will be a fundamental and enduring problem and other lives will be wrecked,” he said.

“One could refuse to face facts, we could forget, move on. But I must tell the truth to the French people, terrorism will be part of our daily lives for a long time.”

Are we being lied to?

It is important to observe the similarities between the massacre in Orlando and the massacre in Nice: both killers were found to be homosexual Islamic terrorists, per investigative reports from both crime scenes (see reference). Yet, we hear very little from the mainstream media about the profile of the killer in Orlando. We can soon expect to hear very little about the killer in Nice. I expect the same thing from Germany, where there have been four horrific attacks this week, followed by politically correct press releases and statements.

Forensic psychology

Forensic psychology is an essential part of forensic science. As such, responsible governance requires that detailed reports of all forensic analysis be made available for the sake of public safety, with the exception of sections that protect the innocent. But we are dealing with Socialist governments and a mainstream media which for the most part delivers to the public square only what is politically correct.

The FBI claims that it has found no evidence that the Orlando killer was involved in a homosexual environment, in spite of testimonies given by the killer’s ex-wife, as well as by men who had come in contact with him, sexually or through dating apps.  This is the same FBI whose director told us a few days ago that in spite of Hillary Clinton’s lies and coverups involving her emails as Secretary of State, it cannot recommend any charges to the Justice Department!

It is noteworthy that those who frequented the Orlando club and had contact with the killer continue to insist that he was a homosexual. By coming forward, they are helping forensic scientists do their work.

But is the FBI calling these individuals liars?

Is the homosexual community being thrown under the bus by the “progressives” (Socialists) when it comes to terrorist attacks against them? This is after all how socialists work. When you don’t follow their marching orders and you become disruptive to their agenda, they cut your funding and support. They simply cut you loose because you are no longer needed.

Read Chaos and Terror in Orlando

Here are excerpts from an LA Times report (the LA Times deserves credit for breaking away from political correctness by publishing it). Information inside brackets added for clarification:

It is possible that Mateen might have had communications on cellphones or other electronic equipment that have not been recovered by investigators in the wake of the shooting.

Some of those who have claimed to be in contact with Mateen before the shooting continue to insist that the gunman seen in the photos released after the shooting is the same man who visited the nightclub before the shooting.

Kevin West, 29, a Navy veteran and Pulse [club] regular, said Mateen [killer] messaged him on Jack’d and also said he recognized him entering the club on the night of the shooting. After the attack, West turned his phone and app passwords over to police and FBI investigators. He said Mateen didn’t reveal his name, but he recognized him from the photo Mateen had posted on the app, which matched one of the gunman released after the shooting.

On Thursday, he dismissed federal investigators’ doubts.

“No one is lying about him being on there,” West said of the gay apps, adding that “once you have the app and delete your profile, it’s gone.”

As these Islamic terrorist attacks continue, we can expect to hear more politically correct lectures– like the one that Obama gave us after the Orlando massacre, where he spent a considerable amount of time admonishing us that we are to respect Islam as a religion of peace. Meanwhile, death and destruction continues to be perpetrated by these radical Islamic savages.

The French people deserve the truth. The German people deserve the truth. Americans deserve the truth. The entire world deserves the truth! And the truth is that Europe has lost control of its borders, its towns and even major cities– because of Socialist laws that have violated the sovereignty of entire nations.

Having survived Communism, I can say that Europeans and Americans can expect Socialists to continue giving them half truths! And a half-truth is nothing but a carefully crafted lie by corrupt government officials through socialist (“progressive”) consensus.

We cannot afford to end up like Europe. Great Britain has led the way through Brexit. Americans must do the same by voting for Donald Trump– the only one who has had the guts (in decades) to put our safety first.

Someone has to say the truth…

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I continue to pray for all victims of terror including abortion

The importance of prayer during these violent times

The news of never-ending violence is overwhelming for most people. It is important that we set time aside for prayer and supplications to Our Lord for the victims of abortion, as well as for victims of Communist and Islamic terror.

In addition, we must stand firmly and publicly behind these supplications, in order that we may give voice to so many innocent human beings whose lives have been violently taken from them.

I pray that the citizens of this nation value and respect law and order– without which we cannot survive as a civilized nation.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Saturday, July 16, 2016

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