Thanksgiving Day 2017

On this special day, I wish peace and many blessings to my readers in the United States and around the world. My heartfelt gratitude is also extended to all those who visit this website– and for the wonderful messages that I receive.

As always, I continue to pray for my readers and their families in war-torn regions and newly-freed regions in the Middle East. I am humbled and thankful for their readership, in spite of the great obstacles created by violence and war.

Please pray for the victims of abortion and communism– who today do not enjoy a place at the Thanksgiving table in these United States of America.

Someone has to say the truth…

Marielena Montesino de Stuart


THE EMPTY CHAIR: I’m praying for all who are missing tonight as victims of terrorism– which includes abortion

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

There are millions of empty chairs tonight across the world. Millions of people are missing because they never came back home, as victims of terrorism. Terrorism includes millions of abortions worldwide, as babies are torn into pieces during the massacre of abortion procedures. Then, their little body parts are sold to the highest bidder. 
Indeed, there are many empty chairs tonight– all over the world.

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A terrifying and deceptive game…

Americans are forced to finance cold-blooded murder.

Please watch and share.

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Hello readers from Spain!

Thanks for visiting!  Drop me a line through my contact form to share your views on the Islamic terrorism that is so deeply affecting Europe, as well as the geopolitical and economic situation under Prime Minister Rajoy’s government, in the framework presented below:

Given Catalonia’s ongoing separatist campaigns (greatly supported by socialist-separatists and even Islamists in that region) I am particularly interested in hearing  your opinion, and that of people in your neighborhood / community, on whether Madrid should invoke article 155 of the constitution and retaliate economically against Catalonia (including freezing the Liquidity Fund) in order to suspend Catalonia’s regional autonomy– should it continue to pursue separation from Spain.

By 2012, Barcelona, as the capital of Catalonia, was home to 11 mosques and 30 official Islamic centers and religious organizations, which were registered with the Justice Ministry of Spain and the Office of Religious Affairs of the Barcelona Town Council. The Islamic presence and political influence has continued to increase in Catalonia, particularly because separatists seek Islamic support of their separatist movement– in spite of the Islamic terrorist cells operating inside Spain, as covered in the New York Times article published today, titled “How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers”  (excerpt follows, bold added for emphasis):

Based on the accounts of operatives arrested so far, the Emni has become the crucial cog in the group’s terrorism machinery, and its trainees led the Paris attacks and built the suitcase bombs used in a Brussels airport terminal and subway station. Investigation records show that its foot soldiers have also been sent to Austria, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Do you feel that Spain’s government is doing a good job at preventing terrorism– considering the lack of cooperation from socialist groups like the Catalonian separatists, who for the most part have embraced the Islamization of their region?

Also, do you support the abolishment of same-sex marriage? Do you and your circle of friends, colleagues and neighbors feel that same-sex marriage was rammed down the throats of Spaniards– who for the most part still reject it?

How engaged are the people in your neighborhood, community or church against abortion? Abortion is an ongoing scandal and a crisis in Spain, considering that Spain is one of the ten most Catholic countries in the world, having converted millions to Christianity, particularly after its discovery of the New World. The abortion crisis in Spain was again painfully portrayed with the recent arrest and sentencing of Dr. Carlos Morin, who runs a house of horrors in Barcelona, where he has performed countless late-term abortions. The question is, how many more like Dr. Morin are conducting this massacre throughout Spain? How has your community reacted to the news of Dr. Morin?

Spain’s reality under the EU has been an economic and moral disaster. Given the EU’s socialist penchant for “consensus” (a code word for ignoring the will of the people)– do you feel that most Spaniards would prefer to leave the EU and follow the British example?

You may add any other comments about Spain’s reality. Thank you.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Cathedral of Segovia, Spain
Cathedral of Segovia, Spain


REFERENCE: How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers – The New York Times

REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: Donald J. Trump addresses our nation and the world

Reading time: +/- 3 minutes.

A historic and decisive speech– but one urgent matter was missing. 

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

I am presenting an audio recording of Donald J. Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night, where he accepted the Republican presidential nomination. His daughter Ivanka delivered a heartfelt speech, then introduced him and welcomed him on stage.


Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland – July 21, 2016



Donald J. Trump promises to be in our corner, to be our voice– and to make America great again.

Trump delivered his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention moments after his daughter Ivanka introduced him, having delivered her own top-notch speech in his support.

Trump addressed Americans and the world–by promising a concrete plan to rebuild this nation, from within and without.

Donald J. Trump’s secret for success has been team work. Trump reasserted this approach for the unification of Americans, in order to help save this nation from the chokehold of globalism socialism. As such, he laid out a plan to control illegal immigration, to enforce law and order, to stop terror at home and abroad by annihilating ISIS, and by making America the leader of the world through sound policies that benefit ALL Americans– not just some Americans.

But one urgent matter was missing…

With this sense of justice in mind, it is my hope that Trump will seek guidance from authentic pro-life experts in the medical and religious community who can guide him in the urgent defense of the unborn– a matter which was completely missing from his speech tonight.

Abortion is not a matter that we should assume is being implied through the appointment of judges like Scalia (RIP). Abortion is a matter that needs to be addressed directly and in no uncertain terms– because it is a matter of life or death.

In terms of the defense of human life, Trump denounced the violence in our cities and towns, the killings of our police officers and the Islamic terrorist attacks.

Trump also made a point of strongly denouncing the horrific massacre in Orlando, which was committed by a homosexual Islamist terrorist at a homosexual club– where 49 young persons lost their lives during the early morning hours of June 12.

But these are not the only examples of violent deaths throughout our country– or in the Orlando area. Pursuant to public information available from the State of Florida, during the last six months 2,212 innocent and helpless human lives were lost through abortion in Orange County alone, which is the county where Orlando is located  (Agency for Health Care Administration – Reported Induced Terminations of Pregnancy (ITOP) 2016 Year to Date).

Since Roe vs. Wade the death of Americans through abortion exceeds the population of Great Britain. That’s over 65 million Americans who are missing! I weep at the thought of the potential and greatness we have lost.

I have been on Donald Trump’s side from the moment he announced, and he WILL have my vote in Novembereven though I feel that his weakest areas are the urgent need for the defense of the unborn and the need to maintain a strict policy towards Cuba. However, I have never doubted Trump’s ability to lead our nation, in terms of national security, as well as militarily and economically.  But we will not be able to advance all of these goals if we are morally weak and unwilling to protect the purest and most defenseless amongst us.

I continue to pray for Mr. Trump and his family and ask that God will guide and protect him– and give him the wisdom to always do what is right.  He can help save this country if he stands on the side of the angels. I am confident that he will– if he surrounds himself with virtuous people who can help him understand and defend the value of innocent human life, without exceptions.

The tiniest and most vulnerable members of our community, our little brothers and sisters at risk of being murdered through abortion– desperately need Donald J. Trump on their side too— and to be their voice.

Someone has to say the truth…

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REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: Donald J. Trump addresses our nation and the world, Marielena Montesino de Stuart, Acceptance Speech.



I continue to pray for all victims of terror including abortion

The importance of prayer during these violent times

The news of never-ending violence is overwhelming for most people. It is important that we set time aside for prayer and supplications to Our Lord for the victims of abortion, as well as for victims of Communist and Islamic terror.

In addition, we must stand firmly and publicly behind these supplications, in order that we may give voice to so many innocent human beings whose lives have been violently taken from them.

I pray that the citizens of this nation value and respect law and order– without which we cannot survive as a civilized nation.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Saturday, July 16, 2016

Do Not Copy or Paste

MARCH 30, 2016: Donald Trump on Abortion

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

I have publicly documented my concern over Donald Trump’s weakness on the issues of abortion and Cuba. This does not mean there aren’t other areas of concern. No candidate is perfect. However, my concern over Trump’s position on abortion and Cuba does not mean that I’m supporting any other candidate. Not at all. In my opinion, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are unacceptable. So were Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Bush and Rubio did themselves and America a favor by dropping out of the race.

I have also stated that if Mr. Trump surrounds himself with virtuous people, he will continue to move towards the side of the angels on the issue of abortion.

Which “side of the angels is that,” you ask?

The only side that is authentically pro-life: no exceptions.

In other words, picking and choosing who gets to live and who gets to die, as in “rape, incest and the life of the mother” is NOT a pro-life position, it is a political position– nor is it morally or medically justifiable. Noteworthy to the reader is the fact that the “life of the mother” exception has been medically debunked– particularly with today’s medical advancements. Please read the following essays on this life or death matter:

To my readers: URGENT by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Abortion: Correct Application of Natural Law Theory, by Dianne N. Irving, PhD

Now, I understand very well that Mr. Trump has “evolved” into the “pro-life-with-exceptions stage.” That is the stage that most candidates or politicians land on when they announce that they are pro-life– because that is where the Republican establishment and the political operatives who have hijacked the pro-life movement want to keep everybody– for the purpose of political expediency.

It is at this very stage where selfless, not-for-profit authentically pro-life experts are urgently needed, in order to assist Mr. Trump in the development of  public policies that protect, without prejudice, the life of innocent, helpless unborn children.

With the above scenario in mind, we need to pay attention to the statements made by Mr. Trump today. During an interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC Mr. Trump stated that, should a ban on abortion be enacted, some form of punishment should apply to the mother. Mr. Trump’s answer was consistent with laws that punish mothers who kill or participate in the killing of their children– and abortion involves the killing and dismemberment of an innocent and helpless child.

The following is an audio clip containing Mr. Trump’s statement to Chris Matthews. Notice how Matthews is challenged by Trump regarding the Catholic Church’s position on abortion– given that Matthews claims to be a Catholic:

When women kill or participate in the killing of their children, they are generally subject to three types of adjudications, depending on the circumstances:

1) Assignment to a high or low security mental health facility
2) Prison
3) Death sentence

Please read these case studies: Women who kill their children

A few hours after MSNBC released the interview segment, in advance of tonight’s airing, the Trump campaign issued the following press release [bold added for emphasis]:

– MARCH 30, 2016 –


If Congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state and federal law, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. My position has not changed – like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.

While Mr. Trump correctly answered Chris Matthews’s original question, consistent with legal precedent– it appears that the farcical pro-life political movement of “exceptions” to abortion moved in quickly to denounce the punishment of the mother.

These are the moments that have the potential of changing the course of history, on the side of justice. After all, the defense of human life, an urgent question of life or death, cannot be nuanced. I believe that Mr. Trump may have missed this critical opportunity when he walked back his statement, under political pressure.

Someone has to say the truth…
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THE EVIL REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR: George Soros supports John Kasich’s Campaign

George Soros joins John Kasich: A vote for Kasich is a vote for Soros

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart


During the time that the above mirror graphic was being designed, the Demon named George Soros inexplicably jumped out of the mirror twice. At first I laughed– but then I was reminded of people involved in politics who have shared with me their experiences of being on telephone conferences and meetings discussing George Soros and having their devices and communications interrupted. There’s no question that the Devil exists– and George Soros is his Chief Demon.

As the people of Ohio open their eyes tomorrow morning and look at themselves in their own mirrors, they will be faced with a monumental decision of who they will be choosing in the Republican Primary:

George Soros  or  Donald Trump

You see, an evil thing has been taking place for quite a while– and most well-intentioned and trusting Republicans are simply not aware of it: that George Soros is running in the Republican Primary in the State of Ohio.

George Soros is listed as one of the top donors in John Kasich’s campaign. This should scare the daylights out of every breathing Ohioan who wakes up tomorrow morning.

George Soros has bankrolled the most nefarious and hellish Communist and anarchist movements all over the world. He thrives on supporting racial divide as a means of destabilizing governments that do not meet his radical agenda. He has given enormous sums of money to and other groups involved in anarchism, communism, abortion, homosexual “marriage”… in summary, George Soros is Hell’s Chief Financial Officer.

George Soros is listed as one of the top donors in John Kasich’s campaign

John Kasich is not afraid to bathe in George Soros’s evil money. This was the last straw– considering that Kasich is nothing but a cunning global-socialist who has already subjugated the children of Ohio to Socialist Common Core standards, loves every single anti-American-worker trade agreement ever written, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)– which is the epitome of anti-American trade agreements. Kasich has done all this with his well-rehearsed modesty, which disintegrates when pressed for truthful answers. Then, the real image of John Kasich comes out– and it has George Soros all over it.

I consider John Kasich to be a dangerous man who has reached an immoral point of no return by accepting George Soros’s money. I urge the people of Ohio to reject John Kasich with every fiber of their being.

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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WE NEED A PRESIDENT WITH COJONES: A Message from Marielena Montesino de Stuart

A liberating look at Donald J. Trump– the “imperfect man” who may begin to remove the Socialist stranglehold destroying America.

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart


The critical Republican Primaries are upon us (Tuesday, March 15).  Once again Americans can exercise the privilege of being able to vote.

So many people, throughout the history of this great nation, have risked their lives fleeing political persecution and sought refuge in America, where they were welcomed legally and were eventually allowed to exercise their vote as U.S. citizens. The same measure of legal hospitality has been extended to those who have waited their turn, pursuant to applicable immigration preferences. The fact that we are a nation of laws is what attracts people from all over the world.

It is our civic duty to demand respect for our immigration laws, in order to fairly address the needs of those seeking to enter our country, but most importantly, the needs and safety of our citizens. Anyone wishing to enter this country, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, must support what is best for our nation, morally and economically. Your privilege to vote is the key to keeping our country safe, which is our home.

Donald Trump occasionally reads the lyrics of a song titled “The Snake,” written by Oscar Brown Jr., an American singer, songwriter, playwright, poet, and civil rights activist. Brown ran for office in the Illinois state legislature, as well as for the U.S. Congress, but lost both times. “The Snake” was made famous by the rhythm and blues / soul singer, Al Wilson.

Trump has chosen these lyrics in order to emphasize the point that we must not allow government officials to continue embracing our enemies (snakes), through uncontrolled illegal migratory movements. This is a fundamental tenet that supports the safety and stability of our nation, and is in the best interest of our economy and our foreign policy.

Trump also uses the lyrics of “The Snake” to remind Americans that our trade policies are currently working for the benefit of countries that do not have our best interest in mind– including China and Mexico, who are also notorious for circumventing international laws.

For example, have you ever stopped to think how, for decades, Mexico has been willing to support Americans who have defied our laws– by providing them flights to Cuba from Mexican airports, knowing full well that the Cuban government would not stamp their passports, which is also a violation of international laws?

Have you ever considered the wealth that the United States loses every day through China’s constant violation of our patented products, their devaluation of the Renminbi– and their one-sided trade deals?

What has distinguished Trump in the 2016 race for the White House is the fact that he will not accept money from special interest– who are most often individuals that do not have the best interest of America in mind. Trump’s campaign, as someone who has never held office before, stands in stark contrast with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who have compromised their careers and reputations as elected officials, by socializing with and running after wealthy pro-LGBT activist donors, by voting in favor of Obama’s liberal judge, Todd M. Hughes– and by honoring Nelson Mandela, a Communist terrorist.

Remember that these actions were taken by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as U.S. Senators– even though they claim to be Christians and were elected based on their promise to uphold conservative values. What a farce!

And let’s not forget Marco Rubio’s apathy for his job as a U.S. Senator. He seems to be allergic to the voting process on the US Senate floor. It appears that he hardly shows up to vote! Oh, shall I discuss Rubio’s enjoyment as a member of the Gang of Eight– which included none other than the gutless Democrat, Chuck Schumer? No… I will spare you this pain.

Rubio has destroyed his career in public office with his unfulfilled “conservative” promises– and to say that Floridians are disappointed is an understatement.

It is my opinion that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s actions, described above, do not represent what is best for America, based on authentic conservative principles.

Then, there’s John Kasich– a total disaster. Kasich represents the global-socialist element that has destroyed and hijacked the meaning of conservatism in America.

Here’s a taste of Kasich: during his 2016 presidential campaign he has received $202,700 from none other than Soros Fund Management! Yes, you read that right– as in George Soros!  Soros is the Demon behind some of the most extreme and dangerous communist activism in the U.S. and worldwide.

In addition, John Kasich is a rabid supporter of Common Core– the socialist public school curriculum which follows the United Nations Sustainable Development standards for education and culture. Kasich is dangerous in the way he is now refusing to”label” Ohio’s educational standards– as a way to cover up and deceive Americans regarding the fact that children in Ohio are being subjected to this socialist Common Core program.  Today, Chris Wallace of Fox News tried to pin Kasich down with this question– and Kasich slithered away like a snake. It was sickening to watch.

Ohio… listen up! Your Governor Kasich has never met a trade deal he didn’t like. Kasich even supports the TPP. Now, you’ve got to be a hard core global-socialist to support the TPP, particularly after the economic decimation of Ohio as a result of previous trade deals– which Kasich has also supported. Good grief! Ohioans shouldn’t even have Kasich as governor– never mind as president!

Kasich is now boasting about how he was able to attract a businessman from Communist China to buy an abandoned auto plant in Ohio. Really?

Kasich is really out of touch.

Americans don’t want to be owned by Beijing– it’s enough that China is taking advantage of us on trade.

Indeed, Donald J. Trump has not been a perfect person in his private life. I don’t believe anyone, except Christ, can lay claim to moral perfection. Very few decent people would be able to hold a job in this country if, for example, they applied measures of perfection to their employers– many of whom invoke Jesus Christ, while they cheat and stab their employees in the back.

Donald Trump has had to be an astute businessman– in order to develop his career during decades of vicious EPA socialist chokeholds on private enterprise and massive governmental regulations regarding trade and commerce, which are toxic socialist aberrations against private business. Trump deserves recognition for having succeeded in such a hostile environment during the last few decades, regardless of his human imperfections.

Oh, Marielena… but what about Trump University?

Well, I have this to say: I have known certain so-called “Christian” businessmen, who have been “snakes” inside the corrupt Republican Party establishment– and whose actions make the allegations against Trump University look very small.

Oh, Marielena… but what about Trump’s tone and his manners?

As a conservative woman I do not turn to Trump for lessons on gentility and etiquette. President George Herbert Walker Bush was socially very graceful– while he sold America to the Socialists, by subjugating us to the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (Sustainable Development). What we need is a U.S. President with cojones.

Now that we got that out of the way…

Undoubtedly, Trump has in the past (again, as a private citizen) supported people and causes which are against my positions as an authentic conservative woman. But todayas someone who has never held public office before, Donald Trump is presenting a plan with the best interest of America in mind.

I must emphasize, however, that he must urgently embrace the defense of the unborn, without exceptions– and that he must have a strong and decisive approach against the Communists in Cuba (no deals, unless they include freedom for the people of Cuba).

My readers know full well that the issue of Cuba is a painful one for me, since I came to this country as a political refugee after having suffered horrific persecution under Castro’s brutal Communist dictatorship. I have been an untiring advocate of the toughest measures against Cuba’s Communist dictatorship. As such, it is not easy for me to “deal” with Mr. Trump’s approach to a “better deal” with Cuba, but the truth is that for 57 years no administration, Republican or Democrat, has followed through with decisive and tough measures against the Communists in Havana.

Cuban-American politicians have repeatedly given the Cuban diaspora in the U.S. nothing but political talk and smoke and mirrors. With this reality before me, when I vote I always put America first– because this is the country that saved my life. If we don’t save America, we cannot help Cuba or anyone else.

I believe that if Trump surrounds himself with virtuous people he will join the side of the angels, on these two issues, as well as others.

Trump is standing on his Republican platform with actions– not just the usual empty political rhetoric, which is what makes him completely different than his opponents.

And what are these actions, you ask?

Plain and simply put: the fact that he is not beholden to special interest, is in itself the strongest action taken by anyone running for the U.S. presidency in my lifetime.

In fact, his actions are so intimidating– that the corrupt Republican party establishment and the Marxists in the Democrat Party have once again found “common ground” as they struggle in their nefarious attempt to stop Trump’s campaign. This has been evident during the protest that took place in Chicago on Friday, March 11– which was preceded by politically-correct proclamations against Donald Trump, issued by a mob of pundits, charlatans and hypocritical politicians on just about every news outlet during the past nine months.

Let’s try to save this nation– before the damage is irreparable. We already have to deal with the globalist-socialist snakes inside this country– like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan– and so many of their ilk in Washington DC, who continue to undermine our security and interests through errors and omissions of our immigration laws. We certainly don’t need more defiant snakes slithering in from the outside.

I have spent my entire life in this country watching Americans asleep at the wheel, while Socialism engulfed them, through abortion and the abandonment of traditional marriage, which is the only moral and legitimate marriage union in the eyes of God. Each time that I pointed out a Socialist program that undermined the interests of America, morally or economically, whether at a local or national level, I was branded as an extremist.  Yes, even among many Republicans and so-called “conservatives.” This continued as recently as my campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2012 (Republican on the ballot).

Well, here it is folks– socialism is all around us, and it has taken a very imperfect man, Donald J. Trump, to perfectly capture the message of this evil through the lyrics of a song– so that Americans will listen. No wonder the enemies of America want to interrupt his freedom of speech at his campaign rallies!

Learn to sing “The Snake” by heart– then teach it to your children, friends and neighbors, so they too will not trust reptiles. Adam and Eve trusted the snake– and look where it got us. So step out on March 15 and vote. Go confidently, humming along… and you’ll make the right choice.

“The Snake” (lyrics read by Donald Trump):

“The Snake” performed by Al Wilson

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

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YOUR POSITION ON CUBA IS WRONG: A Letter to Donald J. Trump from Marielena Montesino de Stuart.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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GOP Debate in Miami: What about Abortion? Not a word about defending innocent babies! Tragic.

Little will change in the United States unless Americans go against the tsunami of materialistic atheism (socialism)–which is destroying this nation. A nation which is disintegrating morally cannot aspire to much– economically speaking. It amounts to building castles in the sand.

Americans must grow a solid moral backbone and let public officials know that they reject abortion, which in this country is a licensed crime against innocent and helpless children– whose deaths exceed the population of Great Britain, since Roe vs. Wade.

Americans must also assert that marriage is only between one man and one woman– which is God’s gift to us for the natural continuation of humanity.

These urgent fundamental truths apply to  laws in all fifty states.

Someone has to say the truth…

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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