By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The possibilities are endless…

The Pew Research Center has just issued its latest report on the state of the new man (the Millennials).

The new man is not interested in marriage– but wants marriage “equality” for all. This makes sense. He can have all options available, as he evolves through his/her/? gender identity.  You see, some days he wants to be a fly, others a Chevrolet. Personally, I’d rather be a Volvo. To help him decide, Facebook has stepped up to the plate and is offering over 50 choices for gender classifications. Go for it.

My concern is, who is going to pay for the wardrobe needed to support such a vast and active gender identity fluctuation?

The new man is unattached to organized politics– but supports an activist government. Of course! He is a perennial baby who needs the nanny state to make decisions for him.

The new man is burdened with debt– but is optimistic about the future. Of course! The activist government (the nanny state) will bail him out!

The new man claims to be politically independent– but votes overwhelmingly Democratic. Of course! How else can socialism (the nanny state) be advanced at a rapid pace?

The new man is not interested in religion. This means he is an atheist or agnostic at best. Plus, religion would bring on moral challenges that are completely against the new man’s fluid state.

The new man is distrustful of people. This means that his most intimate relationship is with the virtual voice in his digital device– or perhaps with one of those Japanese talking-toilets.

The new man wants marijuana to be legalized.  Of course! He needs to be stoned out of his mind! How else is he going to get through the day, given his chaotic profile and statistics.

Karl Marx would be proud.

Someone has to say the truth…


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