SIDELINED OR MURDERED: The Truth about U.S. Counterintelligence agents and their espionage against President Trump

Introduction by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

President Donald Trump is turning the international globalist communist agenda on its head. That’s right. A communist agenda. As such, Trump is a threat to all who have been actively destroying this country with their communist timetables, while lining their pockets. This includes fellow travelers who claim to be “conservatives”– and are part of the farcical groups who tried to stop Trump (and are still trying) in the name of “conservatism. ” Do not accept their excuses. Our national security is at stake– and our lives are at risk.

Very few analysts can decipher and expose the truth about the current explosion of treason in Washington DC like my colleague JR Nyquist. What follows will open your eyes about the treasonous U.S. counterintelligence agents and their espionage against President Trump– and will eliminate the noise and confusion created by communists in the media.

JR Nyquist has the cojones to say the truth.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Someone has to say the truth…
February 22, 2017

Reprinted with permission from JR Nyquist

Golitsyn’s Methodology
and the Trump Administration
Commentary for 20 February 2017

"The new methodology provides explanations for many contradictions and anomalies in the communist world on which the old methodology throws no light. It explains the confidence of the communist world and the loyalty and dedication of the vast majority of its officials. It explains the reasons for disclosures of information by the communist world about itself and relates them to the requirements of long-range policy. It explains the seeming tolerance of a totalitarian system toward dissension openly expressed by its citizens in their contacts with foreigners. It provides criteria for assessing the reliability of sources, for distinguishing genuine secret agents and defectors from provocateurs, for distinguishing genuine information from disinformation and propaganda. It provides pointers to the identification of agents of influence in the West. It suggests that disinformation, recognized as such, can provide clues to the intentions of its authors. It offers guidance on the relative importance of the official and unofficial communist sources. It diverts attention from spectacular communist polemics between parties and focuses it instead on the solid advances in the groundwork of communist cooperation and coordination. It points the way to recovery from the crisis in Western studies and assessments of communism. It could help to revive the effectiveness of Western security and intelligence services. It explains the communist victory in the Vietnam War despite the Sino-Soviet split. Above all, it explains the willingness and ability of the communist world, despite the appearance of disunity, to seize the initiative and to develop and execute its strategies in relation to the United States, the other advanced industrial countries, and the Third World in the quest for the complete and final victory of international communism."

-Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old, p. 102

What would Anatoliy Golitsyn, the KGB defector who correctly anticipated the fake collapse of communism, say about the Trump administration? I believe he would say that the communist strategists have launched a new provocation based upon a supposed split between the communist-dominated U.S. Democratic Party and (Soviet) Russia.

This supposed split offers some tantalizing tactical advantages to the communist side. It diverts attention from the extensive and treasonous collaboration of the American Left with Russia and the communist bloc. It also helps to camouflage future collaboration on the part of Trump’s critics. (People who warn of Russian interference with the elections will not be scrutinized too carefully themselves in this regard, especially by a media that is packed with communist operatives). To say that Trump is a Russian puppet diverts attention from the fact that those leveling the accusation have served Russia and the communist cause for many years. It weakens the authority of a president who has promised to reverse the many policies of national self-negation which have been the mainstay of the Democratic Party, and the watchword of the Republican establishment.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama continues to relay commands to his leftist cadres within the U.S. Federal Government. This is why he stayed in Washington. For all intents and purposes, he is still president; that is, he is the commander-in-chief for the communists in Washington. Their conspiracy continues, as ever, toward the “inevitable” convergence of capitalism with communism (on communist terms).

It is important (from the communist point of view) that nobody guess the actual situation, that nobody see how far the subversion has gone, or how powerful the communist side has become within the state. While Obama was U.S. President an identical circumstance played out in Washington as in Moscow. In both capitals the communists were depicted as an inconsiderable and irrelevant minority. In reality, the presidents of both countries were committed communists. The levers of power were in their hands, and the world suspected nothing. While Obama worked to disarm the United States, Putin worked to rearm Russia. While Obama undercut our allies abroad, Putin invaded Crimea and intervened in the Middle East. As the danger grew, as Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next and final president, the collaboration between Washington and Moscow was guaranteed to result in America’s defeat.

But then a miracle happened. Donald Trump was elected president; a man of impeccable nationalist instinct, of remarkable courage in the face of the enemy. The communists were aghast at his victory. And so, strange as it seems, they decided on a preposterous fraud. While they posed as Russia’s enemies, Donald Trump would be depicted as Russia’s friend.

For the leading communists to deny their communist affiliation was a preliminary strategic step in both Washington and Moscow. Freed from the label of what they had actually been, the communists were able to advance without opposition from those annoying anti-communists. And now they are compelled by the logic of their false position to paint the “patriotic American dinosaur” (Donald Trump) as Russia’s puppet. Here the real puppet points to the man and declares that he is the puppet. It is a history-making deception. It is grand and it is bold. It cynically estimates the ignorance of the populace, the corruption of the political class, and the willing treachery of the media. It relies on the fact that the smartest strategists and analysts on the American side have been sidelined or murdered. So there is nobody to call out the truth.

Who now dares say the truth about what has happened in this country? Anyone writing in this vein is committing career suicide. Therefore, only someone without a career would dare to write along these lines at all! Even then it means being assigned to a death list, like Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko. (You want a successful career? You want to live? Sing the tune that is assigned. Play a role out of the communist script. You can be a conservative if you wish, but you will be Moscow’s conservative.)

Of course, you probably think I am crazy. You think communism went away in 1991. You think that communism no longer exists. But then you will have to explain how we got here – with communist thugs using open intimidation on the streets of our cities! If communism lost the Cold War, why does it presently hold such power in government agencies, universities and newspapers? Why do you think U.S. counterintelligence is spying on the President of the United States and his staff? Who wants to bring him down? You need to explain all the variable phenomena of today: from the communist-inspired economic sabotage of global warming “science” to the insistence that our border remain a sieve. It is only our enemies who stand to gain from these policies.

But communism is dead. Nobody believes in it anymore. We are told that the last true believer in communism was Stalin’s protégé and USSR Communist Party Ideology Chief Mikhail Suslov. Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and other top Soviet officials, made a show of abandoning communism. But I tell you it was only a show. Former KGB officer Anatoliy Golitsyn insisted that all communist sources of information are larded with falsehood; that communist officials publicly and privately make misleading statements about themselves, their thoughts and their intentions.

What do we actually know about the thinking of Mikhail Suslov or Mikhail Gorbachev (for that matter)? We only know what Communist Party officials say is true – about themselves and their party. And communists lie! There is also a more subtle point, which may seem contradictory, but is fundamental at the non-ideological level: It is irrelevant what Suslov or Gorbachev believed. Their personal beliefs would be decisive only if Marxism had been a mere belief system, if it represented a stable set of principles; but Marx himself did not believe in Marxism. He laughed at people who believed in it. Why would it matter if Suslov also did not believe?

What is decisive to understand about Marxism is its ever-shifting role as a rationale for a new kind of power. What is important here is not the particulars of the rationale itself, but the spirit which calls forth the rationale in the first place. If we want to understand how the great totalitarian machine is able to morph and shift and change with the times, we must go to its soul. At bottom Marxism is a strategy behind which stands a pathological desire for absolute power and global destruction. The outward phenomenon of Marxism is merely the intellectual camouflage of the politically self-actualized psychopath. Here is the outward expression of his rationalization for murder, for seizing power. This outward expression has changed time and time again, but its spiritual essence is always the same. And we always seem to miss the point of it. We always seem to address the inner thoughts and intentions of people who are assumed to believe or not believe in a set of “principles.” But this is an error. We do not understand these people at all! The communist does not take ideas seriously. He is serious only about power and strategy.

A mask is not an idea. A strategy is not a principle. These are tools, weapons, methods. Marx did not believe in his tools. He used them, and his followers used them, until the tools of the hour no longer served their purpose. Then the old tools, the old weapons, were discarded for a new set of weapons – “new lies for old.” Those who talk about belief or disbelief are only talking about the superficial shell of the thing, which can be replaced with a new shell – a new outward appearance. If Marx did not believe in Marxism, then the true Marxist should not believe in it either. It is a sorry swindler who believes in his own swindle. Behind the shell of the communist’s outward pretenses we find the same core phenomenon: the malevolent soul of the destroyer, the envious lusting for power and revenge, the hatred of the good for being the good. And in this soul’s self-affirmation we find, curiously, a reformulation of the same old totalitarian themes; the same old bag of tricks for debasing and leveling humanity. All that being said, the outward shell of the supposedly debunked Marxism is by no means out of the game. Out-and-out communism could return to power at any time. The various outer shells – the rationales and swindles – may change and shift as circumstances require; yet the driving force from within remains ever constant, ever alert to new opportunities. Marxism is strategy, not belief. That is why Mao Zedong said, “Marxism is better than a machine gun.” One does not believe in a machine gun. One uses it, merely, to neutralize an enemy. One must keep in mind the usefulness, in this regard, of ideological mortars and howitzers and atomic bombs – the whole arsenal of political correctness.

But you cannot get over this idea; namely, that communism is dead. You saw it die on TV. How can we talk once again about Marxism-Leninism? Or as an Estonian presidential candidate once asked in response to my discourse: “What’s Marxism-Leninism?” His pained expression relayed the idea that Marxism-Leninism was something that didn’t really exist. Nobody believed in it, so why did it matter? Even the communists don’t believe in communism anymore. It’s as simple as that! Any idiot who tells you that there are true-believing communists should wear a dunce cap. Russia a democracy. China is capitalist. Cuba is an open society with superb health care. And that nice little North Korean man is a champion of world peace!

It is merely one more ridiculous proposition out of many. In fact, it is the final ridiculous proposition. It is the proposition that crushes man’s soul. To say that communism doesn’t exist is to surrender. It means giving up your country to the communists who don’t exist. Remember the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s 1984? It was a ministry that dispensed nothing but lies. Now imagine if the Ministry of Truth disbanded itself and admitted to lying. “We are turning over a new leaf,” says the Ministry of Truth. “We are now the Ministry of the Real Truth.” Oh, it’s such a relief! Finally, we can believe in them! Marxism-Leninism is gone and the Marxist-Leninists are now honest! If they say we won the Cold war, we won the Cold War. In a world where nonsense is often believed, why would this nonsense not be accepted as the New Gospel (according to Saint Gorbachev)? The hammer and sickle comes down, the tricolor goes up. How could you question that? It’s like being against chocolate!

So where did all the communists go? Did they simply revert to Christianity? Did they become Scientologists? Stop and think for a moment. You control half the planet and you’ve been fooling people in every country for decades. And what do you do for an encore? You fall off the edge of the flat earth! Well, I guess they topped themselves after all. And then, twenty-five years later, suddenly, you discover they have taken over your child’s mind and sent him into the street to beat up an old displaced factory worker wearing a hat which says, “Make America Great Again.” You have the CIA and FBI spying on the President of the United States to the advantage of change agents. And Congress is dragging its feet on Trump’s cabinet nominees because they’ve been honey-trapped by the Satanic Pedophile communist zombie apocalypse. It is real Satanism, real pedophilia, real undead communists, and a real apocalypse.

Have you ever seen the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? It’s an allegorical fiction about a communist takeover. Well, we’re living it. In fact, the pod people are attempting to convince the world that they are the ones fighting the alien invasion! This lie is repeated on every news channel. And you might easily believe them: First, because you did not understand who the enemy was. Second, because you don’t believe in pod people. Third, because you voted pod people into the White House in 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012. And when the pod people finally colonized your government and rotted out your nuclear arsenal, the old pod president didn’t go back to Illinois. He remained in Washington to command the pod-people army inside the federal government, while Mr. Trump erroneously believes himself to be in charge.

So they don’t believe in Marxism-Leninism anymore? So why do we have socialized medicine? And why does Vladimir Lenin, who died in 1924, lie calmly with his eyes closed in his mausoleum on Red Square – not buried in a grave with a stone marker? No doubt, he is kept on display in Moscow because “nobody there believes in him anymore”! It’s a funny kind of not-believing in someone, don’t you think?

Nobody in Moscow believes in communism! They refuse to bury Lenin because he makes a nice tourist attraction. And besides, Vladimir Putin wears a cross and says he believes in God. (Well, he doesn’t really like to talk about it. But we think he believes in God.) And so, at the end of the day, we are all Kremlin puppets. We are all bouncing helplessly at the end of Moscow’s string. Even now the puppet-master appears to be at odds with his most secret creatures – the moles at CIA and FBI! Appearances notwithstanding, the puppeteer must always hide the puppet’s strings. This he accomplishes by a diversion in which he calls the man (Trump) a puppet and the puppet (Obama) he calls a man. And so, as well, he calls his friend enemy and his enemy he calls friend.

If President Trump could read one paragraph of these scribblings, I would wish that he read this last paragraph. Then he might understand, in an instant, who his enemies are – both foreign and domestic. And I say, that enemy is not an opponent, not a competitor, not a business rival. No, no. I mean – an enemy! And once our president can tell friend from foe, his strategic compass will align to true north and half the battle will be won.



Hello readers from Russia!

Thanks for visiting! Drop me a line through my contact form to share your views on the geopolitical and economic situation in Russia, under Vladimir Putin. I would particularly like to hear how you view Putin’s censorship of the press and his ongoing honoring and support of the Castro brothers and their Communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Vladimir Putin embracing Raúl Castro, Communist despot in Cuba.

MADNESS: Some Catholics support Vladimir Putin

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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The innocent little victims of the war in Ukraine


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Russia decides Ukraine’s future

Opera House in Kiev, Ukraine

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

In my commentary titled Ukraine in the Key of G I covered the tragic reality of Ukraine’s future– and the fact that no matter which way it turns, it will have to choose between worse…. and worse.

Ukraine, which finds itself practically defenseless against Russian military intervention, gave up its nuclear arsenal on December 5, 1994 under the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances– a political agreement providing security promises to Ukraine, by its signators (Russia, the United States, United Kingdom, China and France– the latter gave weaker individual assurances in separate documents).

This memorandum led Ukraine to believe that it would have protection in case of threats or use of force against its territorial integrity or political independence. But it appears that the Budapest Memorandum has not done a bit of good for Ukraine– considering its loss of Crimea and the lack of strong and decisive action by the European Union and the United States concerning the Russian-backed separatist chaos in eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin sees this weakness from the West as a window to assert his power and determination– and reportedly said “if I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.”  The recipient of this brutal message was José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, according to the newspaper La Repubblica in Italy.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is described as being infuriata con Putin (furious with Putin)– but apparently not furious enough to take a strong stand against him.  She is not alone. The European Union is too afraid to rock the boat– given its strong economic ties with Russia.

The following entry retweeted by Ukraine’s Ambassador-at-Large, Olexander Scherba, describes the EU’s disastrous reaction to the Ukrainian crisis:

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.47.23 PM

By the way, Ben Judah, whose Twitter entry appears above as Scherba’s retweet, writes for OpenDemocracy– a website supported by the likes of the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation– who are notorious for their support of population control.  If I were Scherba I would be retweeting and quoting someone else. Unfortunately, traditional values and vetting journalists are not priorities at this point for Ukrainian spokespersons, who are desperately seeking to draw attention to the Ukrainian crisis.

Ambassador Scherba laments how Ukraine is being punished for wanting to be part of the European Union, against Russia’s wishes– and how the EU is turning its back on Ukraine. Scherba has stated that the Ukrainian military forces are running out of weapons and are in need of aircraft.

Ukraine was afraid to be part of NATO under President Viktor Yanukovych– so as not to offend Russia’s sensitivities, when Yanukovych aspired to major economic benefits from Russia.

Now Ukraine wants to be a member of NATO– but NATO is not interested– particularly because extending the alliance into Eurasia is considered a geopolitical threat to the economic interests of the United States, the most powerful member.

It looks like the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroschenko, has accepted the fate of his country by not forcefully objecting to Vladimir Putin’s “cease fire regime” proposal. This puts Russia in control of the terms for eastern Ukraine.

How tragic. European socialism is at work– while Russian communism resurfaces through its expansionist agenda.

Will Ukraine ultimately choose neutrality during this “new” Cold War– as Austria and Finland did during the “old” Cold War?

Do you really think the Cold War ever ended?

I don’t.

Someone has to say the truth… (please share it).

… time to read Ukraine in the Key of G.


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Before you go, you must know this…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Don’t miss Marielena’s inspiring essay on human space exploration, in honor of the 45th Anniversary of America’s Moon Landing:

CLICK TO READ:  Before you go, you must know this…

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The attack on Flight 17: Will this act of war be forgotten?

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Flight 17: the aftermath

The gruesome photos of dismembered bodies and pieces of fuselage scattered over a 10-mile radius near the Ukrainian-Russian border— is a scene from hell.  It is a rather painful coincidence that this horrific attack took place on the 96th anniversary of another gruesome event: the execution of the Russian Royal family, by the Bolsheviks.

The attack on Flight 17 is an act of war– which, according to reports, appears to have been perpetrated by individuals who had access to, and operational knowledge of a BUK, which is a Russian-made, medium-range surface-to-air missile system.

While the Ukrainians blame the Russians– and the Russians blame the Ukrainians, intelligence reports from the United Kingdom and Washington are pointing the finger at Vladimir Putin and his Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

Barack Obama’s initial disconnected remarks about the plane’s crash (“it appears to be a tragedy“) were quite disturbing– even to the point of eliciting criticism from the mainstream media.

A similar disconnected tone was also noted in a joint statement by the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council in Brussels.

Approximately twenty-four hours later, Obama did some image damage control by presenting a much more somber approach, demanding accountability and calling for an in-depth investigation of the attack. The Europeans followed suit.

It should come as no surprise that during this international socialist era, both the United States government and the European Union are looking towards the United Nations for a plan to address the attack on flight 17.


The United Nations?

Yes, the same United Nations which has elected Cuba and Russia to the Human Rights Council– but somehow forgot to include Ukraine.

As expected, Fidel Castro came out in defense of Russia.

Yes, the same United Nations which has Russia and China as permanent members of the United Nations “Security” Council.

Which begs the question: how can anyone expect that the United Nations is going to legitimately assume the role of decision-maker and justice-seeker in the act of war involving Flight 17– when it protects and elevates terrorist communist governments to positions of leadership?

Ah… but you see, the United Nations is the “new leader” of the world– and you have been conditioned to accept this as a “global citizen.”

Interestingly, a few hours before the attack on Flight 17, I had published a brief commentary on a decision made by a Dutch court, declaring the Netherlands liable for the death of 300 Bosniaks in 1995, who were under the protection of Dutch UN peacekeepers.  This court decision brings into question the reliability of the UN “peacekeeping” forces– when it comes to the protection of innocent civilians in war-torn regions.

How does Flight 17 compare with other planes brought down by a missile attack, gunfire or terrorist-related sabotage?

What about the United States?

Gone are the days of the United States lighting the way in times of war.  Washington has been weakened and disfigured by decades of corruption and lack of moral leadership.

While the remains of 298 innocent victims, including 80 children and some of the world’s top scientists in the field of AIDS research, lie dismembered in the remote fields of eastern Ukraine, innocent people all over the world will continue to be put in harms way, as they wait for justice from the bureaucrats in the United Nations.

This is the tragic reality of our times.

May this act of war not be forgotten– and may the passengers and crew members of Flight 17 rest in the peace of Our Lord.

Someone has to say the truth…

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“Ukraine in the Key of G”

Vladimir Putin visits Fidel and Raúl Castro: The love affair continues


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Extensive coverage of attack on Flight 17, by BBC News

Obama goes AWOL again with just 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash | Mail Online

EUROPA – PRESS RELEASES – Press release – Joint statement by the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, and the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, on the crash of the Malaysian airliner in Ukraine


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Vladimir Putin visits Fidel and Raúl Castro: The Love Affair Continues

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Old flames never die...

Ahhhh, I’ve missed you Raúl.  I’ve missed you too, Vlad.

As a survivor of Fidel Castro’s murderous Communist dictatorship– and as one who opposes the aggressive and oppressive international agenda of the homosexual collective against those who disagree with homosexual “marriage”–- I am appalled at the level of ignorance from those who are throwing their support behind Putin and his KGB-infested Russian Orthodox Church, as a solution to this catastrophe. These individuals are basing their enthusiasm on Putin’s farcical Christian proclamations of Russia as a moral world leader.  

And for those out there who are running out of excuses– NO, MY CRITICISM OF PUTIN DOES NOT MEAN that Washington and the European Union hold the MORAL high ground. Not at all.

Well, well, well. Surprise. Surprise.

Let’s see what alibi the fans of Vladimir Putin come up with this time. These impressionable and terribly uninformed individuals are falling on their knees, kissing Vladimir Putin’s feet and declaring him their new Christian hero– while Putin kisses communist murderers.

You see, it’s summer time– and the Russians are getting restless for tropical weather, as well as for new financial and military horizons where they can flex their muscles. That is exactly what Vladimir Putin is doing. So he headed straight to Havana– as the first stop in his tour of Latin America.

In Cuba, Putin enjoyed the island breezes, as well as the warm friendship and eternal gratitude of Fidel and Raúl Castro– who are just tickled pink to see their old friend Putin arrive bearing gifts like Santa Claus in the middle of the summer– that is, gifts of pecuniary forgiveness and promises to help finance an adventure down an oil rabbit hole, in Cuba’s coastal waters.

The Telegraph reports [information in brackets added for clarification]:

Mr. Putin laid a wreath at Revolution Square in Havana [Havana’s Memorial to the Soviet Internationalist Soldier] with Raúl Castro, the communist island’s president, and later met for an hour behind closed doors with his older brother Fidel, the long-time former dictator.

The visit was far from ceremonial as Russia agreed to write off 90 per cent of the impoverished island’s $35 billion (£20 billion) debts to Moscow and announced a series of oil and trade initiatives with its ally, a staunch supporter of Mr. Putin during the Ukraine crisis.

Vladimir Putin is playing his devout Christian followers like a drum.

On one hand, Putin claims to oppose homosexuality in Russia and issues proclamations about “Christianity.”  On the other hand, he praises murderous, corrupt communist despots like Fidel and Raúl Castro– whose government pays for homosexual men to have sex-change operations– then incarcerates and tortures them when they dare to complain about government oppression. Is this the fulfillment of Castro’s dream for the creation of a “new man” in his Marxist utopia?

But we, too, have a “new man” in our midst.  The one who has emerged from the pews to support a former KGB thug like Vladimir Putin– who loves and supports Fidel Castro.

Someone has to say the truth…

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CUBA: 55 years of communist terror, erased from history

Ukraine in the Key of G


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A Reality Check for Fans of Vladimir Putin and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

I am pleased to provide a reality check for those who are floating around in outer space waiting for Vladimir Putin and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to shepherd them as Christian warriors.

Vladimir Putin is leading the charge against homosexuality in Russia, while praising Fidel Castro, whose Communist murderous government enjoys paying for sex-change operations (see important related articles below).

HINT… Putin and Kirill are playing both sides.

Sadly, many well-meaning conservative citizens around the world still don’t understand Putin and Kirill’s perfidious game.

Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill are the classic examples of false messengers of Christianity!

Remember… Russia and the European Union are competing for domination of entire regions.  Their goals are the same.

Patriarch Kirill’s love letter to Communist murderer, Fidel Castro:



Original found at


Vladimir Putin’s love letter to Communist murderer, Fidel Castro:



Original found at 


Someone has to say the truth…


"Ukraine in the Key of G"
"There is Anxiety in Ankara"
"American Taxpayers, U.S. Bishops and 
Cuban Sex-Change Operations"


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On a day such as this…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

It is fascinating to watch the news from Ukraine, along with the speculation on what will happen next, as the Crimea (officially the Autonomous Republic of Crimea) moves closer and closer to becoming a part of Russia.

Let’s take a look at how some territories have evolved or changed hands over time… for better or worse:

On a day such as this… in 1681, King Charles II handed over a large piece of his American land holdings to William Penn to satisfy a debt the king owed to Penn’s father. This land included present-day Pennsylvania and Delaware.  The democratic principles that Penn established in the Pennsylvania frame of government, served as an inspiration for the United States Constitution.

On a day such as this… in 1804, a ceremony was conducted to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States.

On a day such as this… in 1952, Fulgencio Batista carried out a coup d’état in Cuba, anticipating that the government would fall in the hands of the socialists.  Following his takeover, Batista led Cuba’s economy to the highest level the republic had ever known, ahead of all other Spanish-speaking nations in the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately, Batista’s unconstitutional takeover made the long-established Cuban Marxist elements even more determined to control the island, as they did in 1959, when Fidel Castro began his bloody Communist dictatorship— placing the island’s territory at the service of the former Soviet Union.

Batista’s rule lasted less than seven years.

Castro’s Communist rule has lasted more than 55 years—and has been instrumental in the spread of Marxism and totalitarianism in the Western Hemisphere, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

On a day such as this… in 1959, Tibetans were protesting outside of the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, in defiance of the occupation by Communist Chinese forces, which began in 1950.

Sixty four years later, Tibet is still under Chinese Communist rule.

On a day such as this… the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is not protesting Russian occupation forces—because the majority of Crimeans are of Russian descent and identify with Russia. The March 16 referendum in Crimea (which is considered unconstitutional by the Ukranian government) will essentially be a choice of YES NOW or YES LATER.  In other words, join Russia immediately– or declare independence and then join Russia.

And there’s nothing that the world can do.

As such, this is beginning to look more and more like an awkward situation for uninformed newscasters and self-declared political sages—who have little understanding of the demographics and the history of the region.

Sadly, powerful entities such as the European Union and Russia are pushing for vast socialist territorial governance—and are suppressing the sovereignty of smaller states.

It’s called socialism. That is why Russia is a close friend of Fidel Castro’s Communist dictatorship. The same goes for the European Union.

The rhetoric of the Russian government may differ from that of the European Union, but their goals are the same: domination of entire regions. It’s all a question of who is bigger and more powerful to hold the reins of these smaller countries. And they are not hiding their agenda. Case in point: Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, considers that political parties are a threat to peace!

This regional domination is not done with bullets– but with economic control.

Ask the Greeks, who have lost their sovereignty and have been impoverished morally and economically, by selling their beautiful country to the socialists. The vast majority of Greek government debt is now owned by other European governments and the ECB (European Central Bank).

The old grand halls of governments across the world have turned their backs on great statesmanship.

So, on a day such as this…  we watch the United States spending millions of dollars mobilizing military assets across the Bosporus and into the Black Sea. Mind you, I’m neither a pacifist nor an isolationist. But reality shows that the Crimeans will decide their fate by choosing:

 □ Yes now                                             

 □ Yes later

Someone has to say the truth…


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