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The Houses of Parliament and it's iconic clock tower (Big Ben) by the River Thames.
The Houses of Parliament and the iconic clock tower (Big Ben) by the River Thames.

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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

At this dangerous time, when so many innocent people are dying at the hands of savage Islamic terrorists, I am extremely grateful for the readership, as well as the informative and enthusiastic comments that I receive from readers in the United States and around the world– who are deeply concerned about the socialism that has opened the doors to our current geopolitical catastrophe.

I want to thank the United States, France, European Union, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Greece, Norway, Australia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Canada, Australia… and so many more countries that visit my blogs!

May God bless and protect you and your loved ones.

Someone has to say the truth…

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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

See that thou hast in thy company men, whether religious or lay, who are right worthy and loyal and not full of covetousness, and confer with them oft; and fly and eschew the company of the wicked. Hearken willingly to the Word of God and keep it in thine heart, and seek diligently after prayers and indulgences. Love all that is good and profitable and hate all that is evil, wheresoever it may be.– Louis IX, Saint and King of France.

I chose to begin today’s commentary with the above quote from Louis IX as a reminder of the traditions, wisdom and greatness of Europe, in thought, faith and culture.

This wisdom was evident yesterday when the citizens of Great Britain presented the world with a courageous example by choosing to free themselves from the European Union’s socialist chokehold. This is a devastating blow to the globalists socialists all over the world– and an inspiration for the Millennial generation, which is being mentally poisoned, each and every day, with socialist ideas based on materialistic atheism.

British and American Flags - Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved
British and American Flags – Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.
During a recent visit to Washington DC, I walked along a field of British and American flags in Constitution Gardens, and reflected on the great history of these two nations– and how their paths have converged, in perils and in victories. Yesterday, the Britons delivered not just a victory for themselves– but for us, because we too are being subjugated by the globalists– who are nothing but socialist elite.

The EU’s ongoing ruination of Europe

We have witnessed EU’s economic policies, which have decimated the economy of Europe’s smaller nations, such as Greece and Spain, thus destroying the lives of millions. The EU’s political policies have also proven to be a dismal failure. Today, Europe is a place of fear– with violent protests against EU policies, and Islamic terrorists on the march, who kill and maim innocent Europeans and visitors from all over the world– in cities like Paris, Brussels, London, Cologne, Stockholm, Madrid, and others.

European cities used to be places where one could walk with a sense of  wonderment, while experiencing the history of so many great cultures. Today, many of these cities, while continuing to attract millions, are also places of terrible violence, where citizens and visitors must watch their every move– afraid of another Islamic terrorist attack. It will take a very, very long time for Europe to recover from this horrific environment.

The EU socialist policies responsible for the Islamization of the European continent through mass immigration have brought great social unrest– in spite of the ongoing protests and pleas from citizens across Europe, who can no longer tolerate the violence and instability of cities and towns assigned to accommodate the influx of migrants.

As you have seen, my commentary today began with a quote from Saint Louis, King of France. In this spirit of faith, it is imperative that I clarify that the charity extended to migrants and refugees fleeing war torn regions is extremely important. In fact, as a former political refugee from Communist Cuba, I know full well the plight of those who flee oppression and chaos. But the violence that exists in Europe, perpetrated mostly by home-grown Islamic extremists, proves that this is a very different situation, which cannot be compared to the charity extended to refugees and migrants during other periods in history– when they were assimilated and they embraced the culture and the laws of the nations that protected them.

The EU socialists in Brussels have ignored one important and distinct fact: Europe is being subjected to the same violent scenario it faced at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, when she defended herself against the Islamists of the Ottoman Empire. Yes, history repeats itself– mostly because man allows it.

Get out of the EU

European nations need to follow the example of the United Kingdom, by leaving the EU and it’s socialist grip on their economies and sovereignty. This must be followed by the establishment of laws that will stabilize their societies, morally and economically.

In addition, measures must be taken to establish safe zones in the Middle East, for the care of refugees. The obscene amount of money and incredible man-power being used in Europe to fight Islamic terrorism far exceeds what would be needed to maintain refugee safe zones. These safe zones would provide a dignified environment– unlike some of the camps in Europe, where refugees are subjected to subhuman conditions– while the United Nations claims that it is running out of money, and the EU bureaucrats in Brussels wring their hands and issue vapid proclamations and excuses.

Do not listen to the self-serving talking heads in the media– who are acting as if the sky is falling because the UK has left the EU. Great Britain was a powerful nation before the socialists came up with the EU.

This is a great moment in modern history. It is also a time for us to follow the wisdom of men like King Louis IX of France– not just with words, but with actions. The people of Great Britain have led the way. The rest of Europe must follow. Get out of the EU.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Here are some very clever EU Exit names I’ve come across on the internet for the remaining European countries, which should be lining up to get out of the EU.  My favorites are Luxembourg and the Czech Republic:

Austria: Outstria

Belgium: BeljumpBailgium

Bulgaria: Nullgaria

Croatia: Noatia

Cyprus: Byeprus, Nicoseeya

Czech Republic: Czech-out, Czech-off

Denmark: Dexit

Estonia: Tallinno

Finland: Finnish


France: Frexit, Fraurevoir, Adieu

Germany: BernoutDeutschleave

Greece: Grexit

Hungary: Hungarout

Ireland: Retireland, Dublout, Byerland

Italy: Italeave, Outly, Quitaly

Latvia: Lat-me-out

Lithuania: Lithawaynia

Luxembourg: Luxdisembark, Luxgetouttahere

Malta: MalternativeHalta

Netherlands: Nederlands, Ditch

Poland: Noland, PolskedaddleWithdrarsaw

Portugal: PortugoDepartugal

Romania: Bucharrest

Slovakia: Slovacate

Slovenia: Govenia

Spain:  Españope, Madriddance

Sweden:  SwedesertSweparture


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FASHION CHOICES AND STRATEGY: The difference between Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama

Featured photo: 10 Downing Street website of UK Prime Minister

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

President Barack Obama’s press conference yesterday was an amazing show of lack of initiative, both symbolically and verbally. Obama appeared at the podium in a beige suit, which is used in the business world to blend in and avoid attention. The social media world was exploding with comments about his beige suit.

Embed from Getty Images

Then, Obama went on to say that he still did not have a strategy to deal with ISIS– whom Obama referred to as a Junior Varsity team earlier this year. In the meantime, ISIS is advancing through Iraq and Syria, terrorizing and controlling territories, erasing national borders, executing people en masse and making it practically impossible for aid to reach victims.

On the Russian front, Obama feels that sanctions will take care of Vladimir Putin– but so far, this has not deterred Putin from carving out pieces of Ukraine and swallowing them up.

President Obama essentially left the American people cold.

Today the United Kingdom raised its threat level to severe- and as I write this brief commentary Prime Minister Cameron is holding a press conference.

The first thing one noticed was Cameron’s choice of a dark suit and a dark tie– which in the world of political public perception represents seriousness and power.

Cameron did not have a teleprompter in front of him. Once he got passed the de rigueur “Islam is a religion of peace” statement (has he spoken to the women of Saudi Arabia, etc.,?) Cameron went on to deliver his message with clarity and determination.

Cameron said that the ISIS threat cannot be solved with foreign policy alone, because we are facing violent religious extremism, which is a great and deep threat to the security of Europe and the world, by seeking to establish itself at the edge of the Mediterranean.

Cameron called for a tough, intelligent and comprehensive approach which will involve a generational struggle, and provided examples of the multiple steps that are being taken to keep the British homeland safe, including confiscation of passports, and denial of entry and/or citizenship, to those who present a threat to the British homeland. Cameron stated that he will do whatever it takes to keep the British people safe.

Without question, Prime Minister Cameron’s press conference made President Obama’s press conference look like a Junior Varsity practice session.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Official photo of United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, from 10 Downing Street website.
Official photo of United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron, from 10 Downing Street website.


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Thoughts on the European Union Elections

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

There is no question that some voters in the European Union have made it very clear that they do not want to put up with socialism.  This was strongly felt in Great Britain and France where the more fiscally conservative parties were victorious, thus sending a clear message as to who they want as representatives in the European Parliament; however, in Italy and Germany the “mainstream” parties managed to prevail.

The above scenario means that an army of socialists are still the majority in the European Parliament.

I wish I could be more optimistic– but don’t expect earth shattering improvements on the moral front– considering that the socialists are still holding most of the power.

I expect that what we will see is a more critical assessment of international trade– accompanied by strong support of the national manufacturing base, in France and the UK.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, called Brussels “too big, too bossy and too interfering.”  It is no wonder that Cameron is leading the attack against the progressive Christian-Democrat, Jean-Claude Juncker, in order to prevent Juncker from becoming Europe’s Spitzenkandidat (top candidate) to the presidency of the European Commission.  It is interesting to note that the European mainstream media considers Juncker a “conservative.”  I beg to differ.

Juncker is an old Brussels insider. Juncker’s former job as Prime Minister of Luxembourg ended in a firestorm, following a spy scandal à la NSA.  This opened the door for the first Luxembourgian openly homosexual Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, who enjoyed the validation of Luxembourg’s Catholic Grand Duke Henri.

If there was any question before, now it is very clear that Luxembourg will never be the same.  But this is just a side note, to give you a taste of the flavors and colors of the European Union.

So we will sit and wait, as the more fiscally conservative members of the EU parliament begin their work.

At the end of the day, public policies in Europe will continue to be centered on economics.  The sacred defense of the traditional family and the battle against abortion may be mentioned– but they will probably soon become back-seat issues.

Yet, the defense of human life and the traditional family constitute the foundation of a healthy economy– since a broken society is always susceptible to the risk of being “rescued” by the socialists.

And the beat goes on.

Someone has to say the truth…

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