We are at war

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A message to my readers in the United States and around the world 

I am known for not taking any prisoners, both as a writer and as a federal candidate. But WE ARE AT WAR– and a passive-aggressive no-vote approach during war time is a very dangerous thing.

Socialists are destroying entire nations, so we are left playing a dangerous chess game against the Devil, strategizing at every turn. We must beg for God’s grace and wisdom as we move the pieces across the board.

We are at war. As such, I will be voting for Donald J. Trump.

Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Someone has to say the truth…

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WASHINGTON DC: Hearing on the War against ISIS

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

How do we deal with the chaos among Islamic tribes in the Middle East– when the United States cannot lead? 

I am following the hearings in the war against ISIS– and I must say that the United States has seen better days.

For one thing, we don’t have enough money to carry out this war against ISIS– due to the military cutbacks that have weakened our defense. This was emphasized during the hearing by Charles Timothy “Chuck” Hagel, the Secretary of Defense.

It is also absolutely depressing to hear the four-star general and Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, make statements such as “I hope we find enough of them” when referring to the rebels that the U.S. needs to arm and guide in the war against ISIS. General Dempsey then added that this daunting project includes weeding out people from “co-opted tribes.”  At times, Dempsey would lean his head against his fist, as a child does when he is bored in a classroom– or in front of a plate of food he does not want to eat.

For a long time the environment in Washington DC has been one of socialists and fake “conservatives” –who appear to be political opportunists incapable of saving our nation and rebuilding it morally and militarily.

Where are the authentic conservative leaders?

Given the above conditions, how in the world is the U.S. going to lead in the war against ISIS?

Someone has to say the truth… (please share it).


Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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The most beautiful journeys are taken through a window…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The most beautiful journeys are taken through a window…” — last line in the film The King of Hearts (1966) by Philippe de Broca.

As I follow the coverage of the situation in Ukraine I find that news correspondents and commentators are totally confused about what is happening on the ground in the Crimea.

Some reports show Crimeans calling the Russian soldiers “liberators”– while Vladimir Putin is calling the protestors in Kiev a bunch of Nazi radicals.

Everyone is waiting for shots to be fired in the Crimea, but there is no action to be reported. In fact, the Russian soldiers in the Crimea do not have insignia on their uniforms, so people are having a difficult time knowing which soldiers are from the Ukraine and which ones are from Russia.

And for some reason, no one even thinks about looking into the Ukrainian constitution.

Enough is enough.

Let’s take a break from all the confusing news reports– and watchThe King of Hearts. An unforgettable film about war, love and humor.  Perhaps it will put everything into perspective.

Sit back, enjoy and reflect on what is happening in our world.

And remember… sometimes the most beautiful journeys are taken through a window.


Enjoy this gem of a film!

The King of Hearts

NOTE: This film is no longer available on YouTube, but the above link will lead you to  a site that sells it for a very low price.


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