Hillary Clinton is an overrated and irrelevant candidate who needs to put her old crayons away

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

How can this boring, uninspiring and unimaginative woman think she can represent blacks and other minorities?

Hillary Clinton delivered today one of her predictable snail’s pace speeches, directed at the people that Democrats have used and ignored for decades: blacks and other minorities.

With the shortest amount of words per minute (as if blacks and other minorities are not smart enough to handle more words) she concentrated, practically throughout the entire speech, on promoting racial division among Americans of every color and background.

Her agenda is based on reminding each and everyone of us to keep looking at the color of our skin. As such, Hillary Clinton lives inside an old box of color crayons– and she is incapable of thinking outside that box.

It is shameful to watch Hillary Clinton, a woman who has lived a privileged life, who has never walked in the shoes of blacks, hispanics, or any other minority in this country– trying to further confuse and mislead us.

Hillary Clinton’s record of defending an accused child rapist (whose polygraph test results she did not even trust), of calling blacks “super-predators”– while giving speeches to Wall Street billionaires, of supporting abortion, which is a dagger in the heart of black communities across America– clearly shows a woman whose ACTIONS are disrespectful to blacks and victims of violence, as well as the most vulnerable victims in our communities.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in serving blacks, as well as other minorities and the poor– should be actively and consistently seen throughout her life in the neighborhoods where these vulnerable people live and suffer.

… by holding the hand of a pregnant black woman and offering help so she can keep her baby, and not resort to abortion.

…by supporting policies that protect minority communities, with the life-affirming dignity and respect that they deserve.

… by respecting the traditions of American blacks, whose roots and ancient teachings from Africa reject homosexuality and abortion.

Hillary Clinton is not interested in these life-affirming actions.

You see, Hillary Clinton is too busy with her color crayons to know this important fact: time and again, African leaders kick out UN emissaries (whether they are Americans or Europeans) when they enter the African countries promoting homosexual “marriage” and abortion. When Barack Obama visited Kenya, newspaper editorials were written telling him to take his liberal social agenda elsewhere– because homosexuality and abortion is against their African tribal and religious traditions, which affirm life.

Hillary Clinton does not respect the traditions of hispanics and other minorities, who overwhelmingly reject the liberal “social” agenda of homosexuality and abortion, based on the richness of their indigenous, cultural and religious values, regardless of their racial mix.

I speak from experience.

This is how blacks are treated in Cuba by people who support Hillary Clinton's socialist agenda.
This is how blacks are treated in Cuba by people who support Hillary Clinton’s socialist agenda.

I was born and raised in Cuba– an island with a rich racial mix, whose colors have been painted into a 57-year long brutal communist canvas that enslaved the Cuban people into submission. This is why I am in this country. Because I don’t want to be reminded every day about the color of my skin– and when somebody does, I want the freedom to express my disgust over it.

This is another example of how a black peaceful protester is treated in Cuba by those who support Hillary Clinton’s socialist agenda.

But this is not what Hillary Clinton wants.

Hillary Clinton wants us to remain inside her box of color crayons, where she can pick and choose the color of the day, in order to manipulate us and use us for her socialist agenda.

Oh, but of course, she will tell you that as a lawyer she did this-and-that-and-the-other for minorities, in a court of law. That’s what politicians always tell you– and Washington is filled to the brim with politicians who are lawyers and liars, who falsely claim that they are advancing our rights, while collecting hefty paychecks from our wallets.

After decades of Democrats (mostly lawyers, like Hillary Clinton) running major cities– the plight of poor black Americans and other minorities has reached a critical stage.

And what is a Democrat-politician-lawyer like Hillary Clinton to do when the situation reaches a critical stage?

She creates more division.

And division is what leads to chaos and confusion– even among blacks.

I know this from experience, because as a survivor of communism in Cuba I witnessed the inhumane ways in which blacks are treated and divided.

That is what communists do. It’s an old rule: Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Unfortunately, it works– until people rise against it and take control of their lives.

Why do I bring up communism again?

Because Hillary Clinton is a socialist– and socialism is nothing but the stage before communism takes over— and I cannot say this enough. But let’s get back to Hillary Clinton, the overrated “public servant.” Allow me to sum it up.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in serving the poor and minorities does not deliver speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars for Wall Street billionaires, like Hillary Clinton has done. Talk about lining her pockets!

A public servant who is genuinely sincere about helping victims of sexual violence does not defend an accused child rapist, as a “favor” to a colleague.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in the improvement of black neighborhoods does not promote abortion, which hurts the American black population in the deepest of ways– because it is also an attack on the continuation of the black American community and their traditions. Every time a black baby is killed by an abortionist, the black population loses the incredible potential of a human life who could contribute so much to society.

Hillary Clinton is rabidly pro-abortion.

Having run out of excuses and ways of deceiving blacks and other minorities, Hillary Clinton is now throwing out another one of her “vast right-wing conspiracies” by decrying the national movements that are taking place ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This being the case, then Hillary Clinton should wake up to the fact that she is completely outnumbered and out of touch– because nationalism is neither right, left, center, black, white or any other color.

Nationalism is born out of the God-given instinct of preservation expressed by people of every color and creed all over the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America— everywhere!) who wish to protect their borders, their language, their culture– and their lives.

Again, nationalism is a God-given instinct— which man has asserted since ancient time, in order to avoid barbarism from destroying peace and stability in their society.

But apparently Hillary Clinton is facing a serious setback in her ability to think things through, by failing to understand history and the indomitable human spirit.

This inability to think things through happens to people who lie a lot. So Hillary Clinton is left with nothing but simplistic and divisive racial rhetoric as the main message of her campaign– because she has nothing else to offer.

Blacks in America do not need Hillary Clinton.

Blacks in America need to live with the dignity and respect that is their God-given birthright– and Hillary Clinton cannot give them that.

This same measure of humanity applies to Mexicans and all other minorities in this country. A measure of humanity that Hillary Clinton does not understand nor respect– and her trail of bad choices and bad actions are living proof that she is an overrated participant in the Democrat-Socialist agenda of Washington DC.

As a lawyer, Hillary Clinton will continue to paint a picture of racial divide on her legal pad, using her old box of crayons. Her agenda is irrelevant to what Americans need regardless of color– in order to live safe, peaceful and productive lives.

Someone has to say the truth…

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