UPDATE ON CUBA: Brutal arrests continue on the streets of Havana

Cuba’s brutal Communist government is not interested in dialogue or subtle messages from Obama (by the way, neither am I)The bloody Castro brothers and their commissars are only interested in the dollars they need to continue lining their pockets (they are millionaires)– through their murderous 57-year long dictatorship.

Excerpt from “Cuban agents brutalize democracy protesters” 25 March, 2016, by Patrick Symmes, Yahoo Politics [yellow highlight added for emphasis]:

“This isn’t about a dialogue between Obama and the Cuban government,” said Rosá Maria Payá, another prominent activist who has pushed for a plebiscite on President Raúl Castro’s rule over the island. “We need a dialogue between the Cuban people and the regime.”

Payá added that, whatever slogans or pamphlets the protesters had offered, “When they say ‘Obama sí, Castro no,’ what they are really saying is ‘Democracy sí, Totalitarianism no.’”

An American tourist on San Rafael Street had a different, perhaps more partisan, take on the scene that had just unfolded. “If they are cheering Obama,” he suggested, “obviously they don’t know him.”

This is what the streets of Old Havana look like after Obama’s so-called “historic” visit this week: Cuban agents brutalize democracy protesters”.

Someone has to say the truth…

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