Examining Barack Obama’s speeches in light of similarities between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s speeches

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What do Barack Obama, Deval Patrick and John Edwards have in common? Their speeches!

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Melania Trump is being accused of committing plagiarism, due to similarities found in her Republican National Convention speech on July 18, 2016– and Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech on August 25, 2008.

Some of the words that the mainstream media have been pounding on as the basis of Mrs. Trump’s alleged plagiarism are “your word is your bond” (an old and overused cliché).

I have stated in a previous post that both speeches contain extremely common words and phrases– and that we do not know the details of the number of individuals involved in crafting Mrs. Trump’s speech– nor the identity of the speech writers.

The speculations surrounding Melania Trump’s speech have opened the flood gates to analyzing speeches given by Barack Obama– and their similarities to speeches delivered by other politicians. Lo and behold, I have come across the following fascinating videos:

Deval Patrick’s speech on June 3, 2006  and Barack Obama’s Speech on November 2, 2007:


John Edwards’s speech on September 16, 2003 and Barack Obama’s speech on February 10, 2007:



Someone has to say the truth…

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