REPUBLICAN CONVENTION: Donald J. Trump addresses our nation and the world

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A historic and decisive speech– but one urgent matter was missing. 

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

I am presenting an audio recording of Donald J. Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night, where he accepted the Republican presidential nomination. His daughter Ivanka delivered a heartfelt speech, then introduced him and welcomed him on stage.


Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland – July 21, 2016



Donald J. Trump promises to be in our corner, to be our voice– and to make America great again.

Trump delivered his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention moments after his daughter Ivanka introduced him, having delivered her own top-notch speech in his support.

Trump addressed Americans and the world–by promising a concrete plan to rebuild this nation, from within and without.

Donald J. Trump’s secret for success has been team work. Trump reasserted this approach for the unification of Americans, in order to help save this nation from the chokehold of globalism socialism. As such, he laid out a plan to control illegal immigration, to enforce law and order, to stop terror at home and abroad by annihilating ISIS, and by making America the leader of the world through sound policies that benefit ALL Americans– not just some Americans.

But one urgent matter was missing…

With this sense of justice in mind, it is my hope that Trump will seek guidance from authentic pro-life experts in the medical and religious community who can guide him in the urgent defense of the unborn– a matter which was completely missing from his speech tonight.

Abortion is not a matter that we should assume is being implied through the appointment of judges like Scalia (RIP). Abortion is a matter that needs to be addressed directly and in no uncertain terms– because it is a matter of life or death.

In terms of the defense of human life, Trump denounced the violence in our cities and towns, the killings of our police officers and the Islamic terrorist attacks.

Trump also made a point of strongly denouncing the horrific massacre in Orlando, which was committed by a homosexual Islamist terrorist at a homosexual club– where 49 young persons lost their lives during the early morning hours of June 12.

But these are not the only examples of violent deaths throughout our country– or in the Orlando area. Pursuant to public information available from the State of Florida, during the last six months 2,212 innocent and helpless human lives were lost through abortion in Orange County alone, which is the county where Orlando is located  (Agency for Health Care Administration – Reported Induced Terminations of Pregnancy (ITOP) 2016 Year to Date).

Since Roe vs. Wade the death of Americans through abortion exceeds the population of Great Britain. That’s over 65 million Americans who are missing! I weep at the thought of the potential and greatness we have lost.

I have been on Donald Trump’s side from the moment he announced, and he WILL have my vote in Novembereven though I feel that his weakest areas are the urgent need for the defense of the unborn and the need to maintain a strict policy towards Cuba. However, I have never doubted Trump’s ability to lead our nation, in terms of national security, as well as militarily and economically.  But we will not be able to advance all of these goals if we are morally weak and unwilling to protect the purest and most defenseless amongst us.

I continue to pray for Mr. Trump and his family and ask that God will guide and protect him– and give him the wisdom to always do what is right.  He can help save this country if he stands on the side of the angels. I am confident that he will– if he surrounds himself with virtuous people who can help him understand and defend the value of innocent human life, without exceptions.

The tiniest and most vulnerable members of our community, our little brothers and sisters at risk of being murdered through abortion– desperately need Donald J. Trump on their side too— and to be their voice.

Someone has to say the truth…

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