A second look at Steve Pieczenik’s silent coup and counter-coup announcement raises serious questions

Is Steve Pieczenik a backroom organizer of a “second strategic echelon” of agents who have been prepped by the Left to emerge on the Right?

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart


For those of you who are loyal readers of this blog, you know full well about my support of Donald J. Trump throughout the primary and the general election. In fact, it has been my persistent support of Mr. Trump which has led some readers to part ways with me.  The record of my writing regarding Donald J. Trump’s victorious campaign, including a letter to him regarding his earlier wrong position on Cuba, as well as his positive evolving position against abortion, are all contained in the pages of this blog. 

As a survivor of communism, I have committed my entire life to the dissemination of truth. As such, I am compelled to publish the following observations after taking a second look at Steve Pieczenik’s video containing his November 1 public announcement of a silent coup and counter-coup, as well as some of his other published statements.

In my opinion, Steve Pieczenik at best may be muddying the waters among Donald Trump’s supporters– and at worst, he could cause more harm than good, regardless of his good intentions, at a time when Americans are vulnerable, as they face an election that could change the course of American history. Read on for more details.


On November 1st I received a video from my friend and colleague, Jeff R. Nyquist, an expert and author in the field of geopolitical analysis and international politics. The video contained a public announcement regarding a silent civilian coup and a counter-coup conducted through the internet.

Given the ongoing public leaks regarding the corruption inside various branches of the U.S. government, as well as the Clinton Foundation, Mr. Nyquist and I felt that the video was worthy of attention, particularly because the announcement contained in the video was being delivered by a former high-ranking State Department official, Steve Pieczenik, who has a remarkable professional and academic background.

Here is the text of Pieczenik’s public announcement on November 1, 2016:

On November 1, 2016, Hillary and Bill Clinton and their entourage of assistants effected a civilian coup. In contrast to the usual concept of a coup where the military is involved and takes over the White House and communications and centers, very much like the scenario that you see in a movie, this coup was done silently and very effectively through two methods: corruption and cooptation. The Clintons have been involved in coopting our White House, our Judiciary, our CIA, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Attorney General Loretta Lynch and our Director of the FBI, James Comey, for some time now. What they’ve done is to make sure that they were part and parcel of a group of people who are interrelated through political cronyism. However, in order to stop this coup, we, in the intelligence community and others involved have informally gotten together, and with their permission, I am beginning to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  What has happened in effect when, ah, Comey had to open up the case of Hillary Clinton and discuss the emails that were involved with the Anthony Weiner case. It was not the case itself that was as important as the fact that this was the entrée for many of us in the counter-coup to say to the administration:  we have your number, not only do we have your number, we are going to stop you from making Hillary the President of the United States, and at the same time, we will convict and indict the President of the United States, Loretta Lynch, and many others who are involved in the coverup of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation. Now on both cases, their coup was silent, and our counter-coup was silent, and it was all transgressed or occurred on the internet, and this is probably the first time in the history of any country where a coup was initiated on through the internet, and a counter-coup was initiated through the internet. I am just a small part of something far bigger than myself. It was the brave men and women who were in the FBI, the CIA, the Director of Intelligence, the military intelligence, and men and women in fifteen other intelligence organizations who were sick and tired of seeing this corruption in the White House, in the Justice Department, and in the intelligence system, and we decided that there was something we had to do in order to save the Republic.  So, we initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange, who’s been very brave and really quite formidable, in his ability to come forth and provide all the necessary emails that we gave to him, in order to undermine Hillary and Bill Clinton. Again America, we’re going through a major, major transition, and quite frankly, a second American Revolution. We do not have guns, we do not have weapons, we do not intend to kill anybody, we do not intend to harm anybody. But we, the American public, and those of us who’ve served in veterans, and in the intelligence service, like myself, will stop the Clintons from assuming power that they don’t deserve. At the same time, we will make certain that Obama leaves without any trail of a pardon, or any other act of treason. In effect, we want a peaceful transition in this great American Republic. I bring you this news, and I want you to understand what has happened. A moment of history is occurring right now in front of us, and I’m proud to explain it to you.”

The trajectory of Pieczenik’s announcement

I have followed the trajectory of the aforementioned video announcement which has gone viral– particularly since it became a headline on Drudge. However, I have also taken a second look at Steve Pieczenik’s announcement vis-à-vis his professional and academic background, as well as some of his other public statements, which have led me to raise some serious questions.  By the time I spoke again to Jeff Nyquist on November 4– he too was raising serious questions regarding the content of Pieczenik’s coup and counter-coup video.

Intelligence gathering and transmission

The nature of intelligence gathering and transmission calls for complete confidentiality, as Pieczenik would know, considering his expertise in this field, notably as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker– all three devout globalists. 

Pieczenik’s has an MD in psychiatry and a PhD in international relations. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare. It is his expertise in psychology and psychological warfare which particularly causes me to seriously question the content of his coup and counter-coup announcement.

Americans, as well as informed people across the world, are aware of the corruption being exposed through Wikileaks, the organization founded by Julian Assange. Anyone who reads the leaked documents understands full well that the individuals leaking the information are working, or are connected in some capacity, with government entities and NGO’s (“non-governmental” organizations) across the world. This is why Wikileaks states on social media, “we open governments.”

Wikileaks operates an effective and powerful civilian-run system of electronic espionage. That being said, the fact that Pieczenik makes the announcement that there are leakers (informants) inside our government is not newsworthy. What is intriguing is that Pieczenik claims, “we, in the intelligence community and others involved, have informally gotten together, and with their permission, I am beginning to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and Wikileaks.”

A public announcement about the intelligence community “informally getting together” and giving “permission” to Pieczenik to act as a spokesperson goes against the very nature of espionage. File that under Intelligence 101. In addition, there is nothing, absolutely nothing informal about intelligence gathering and transmission of intelligence.

Consequently, how can someone like Pieczenik with such extensive experience in intelligence and psychological warfare come up with such an announcement?

What exactly is Pieczenik’s objective– other than to present himself publicly as a leaker for Wikileaks, which cannot be corroborated?

This scenario does not help Wikileaks, since I have found that Pieczenik has a trail of opinions which range from controversial to absurd, such as calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting a “performance” (where Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 young children and several school administrators). I cannot imagine that the intelligence community would interact with someone who makes such statements, regardless of his career in intelligence years ago.

The following is a quote from a commentary published by Steve Pieczenik’s on January 22, 2013 (“The Unbearable Lightness of Sandy Hook’s Mourning”):

Sandy Hook had a REHEARSED, EXCEEDINGLY HISTRIONIC,  SELF-CONSCIOUS element to the whole performance. 

 Lanza –never existed. You know it, I know it.”

For the love of God, the 2nd Amendment can stand strong without the “help” of conspiracy theories, like the one published by Steve Pieczenik.

But let’s get back to Pieczenik’s coup and counter-coup announcement.

On one hand, Pieczenik states that, “we will convict and indict the President of the United States, Loretta Lynch, and many others who are involved in the coverup of the massive corruption that occurred under the Clinton Foundation.” Then, Pieczenik  appears to contradict himself by stating, “we will make certain that Obama leaves without any trail of a pardon, or any other act of treason.”

During the last few days, both Jeff Nyquist and I independently reached similar conclusions:

Pieczenik presents himself as an enemy of the Clinton crime family.  Yet, as is typical of those who worked closely with Henry Kissinger, Pieczenik never uses the word Communist, or the word Russia, in spite of the fact that the Clintons have engaged in nefarious activities with the Russians.

Is Pieczenik trying to divert attention from Russia?

The following is an excerpt from an article published on April 23, 2015 by the New York Times titled, “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal” [bold added for emphasis]:

Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.”

Pieczenik talks about the Clintons and pedophilia

In a separate video, Pieczenik also brings up the subject of pedophilia and the Clintons. Nyquist, who is an expert on Russia, pointed out that the pedophile game is a KGB strategy adopted in the 1970’s– which the Russians have used to advance the careers of pedophiles in the West, because such people will commit treason without blinking, and they can be blackmailed and bribed. I concur with Nyquist on this, because this perverted technique is used in Cuba. In fact, Cuban government officials and espionage agents are experts at introducing and maintaining this practice. And may I add, the infiltration of pederasty and pedophilia in the Catholic Church erupted after the Second Vatican Council, where Russian Orthodox prelates, who were recalcitrant KGB agents, sat as glorified observers during the Council meetings.

Child trafficking, which is part of pederasty and pedophilia, is actively promoted by the Communists. Again, Cuba is a perfect example of a Communist country where child trafficking is prevalent and goes unpunished, since it is a guarantee of control, not just of government officials, but of an entire sexual tourism industry that benefits Cuba’s Communist government.

In spite of all the well-known information about Russia and the Communist child-trafficking networks and the Clintons connection to Russia, Pieczenik appears to torment the listener with a Clinton connection to child trafficking– but why didn’t Pieczenik, a veteran in the intelligence field, expose this before for the sake of protecting children?

This situation leads to some final observations and questions.

Common ground between the Left and the Right: Steve Pieczenik respects and admires Bernie Sanders

On November 4, Pieczenik published another video titled “US Takeover May be Near” where he says that he’s had  “a lot of respect” for Bernie Sanders. That he saw Sanders give a speech in Warner, New Hampshire and “really admired what he had done.”

Why would Pieczenik admire an intractable socialist Marxist like Bernie Sanders, who admires the Castro government?

I have alerted my readers about the Communist strategy of finding common ground between the Right and the Left. Indeed, during my campaign for the U.S. Senate (on the ballot 2012), as I traveled throughout the State of Florida, I met people who considered themselves conservatives, yet, they saw Vladimir Putin as a harbinger of a new Christian movement. One can excuse such individuals for their lack of understanding of how Communism works to muddy the waters.  But in the case of Steve Pieczenik, I concur with Nyquist in the following question:

Is Steve Pieczenik a backroom organizer of a “second strategic echelon” of agents who have been prepped by the Left to emerge on the Right?

Final words…

As I have written multiple times, our nation is descending violently into a socialist abyss. The Clinton corruption and the disastrous Obama administration are examples of this abyss and what lies ahead.

The best approach to counteract this corruption is to remain informed, to understand how Communism works, to understand what is happening and effect change in your government at a local, state and federal level, to protect the unborn from abortion, to defend the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms), to take control of your children’s education and to reject alternatives to traditional marriage of one man and one woman. Add prayer to this, and we will have a chance– with the Grace of God— of putting this country on the right path.

And vote for Donald J. Trump.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Clinton Foundation Scandal: The Clintons for-profit activities exposed through Clinton aide memo

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The socialist corruption involving the Clinton family has tentacles that reach far across the world through their Clinton Foundation, which I have been tracking since 2009.

USA Today has an informative piece on a memo detailing how the Clintons have been lining their pockets and receiving perks through the Clinton Foundation. The memo was written in response to an audit carried out in 2011.

Excerpt from “Memo shows Bill Clinton’s wealth was tied to Clinton Foundation” – USA Today, 27 October 2016:

Independent of our fundraising and decision-making activities on behalf of the Foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities — including speeches, books, and advisory service engagements,” Band wrote. “In that context, we have in effect served as agents, lawyers, managers and implementers to secure speaking, business and advisory service deals. In support of the President’s for-profit activity, we also have solicited and obtained, as appropriate, in-kind services for the President and his family — for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.

At one point, Band even referred to the former president’s money-making enterprises as “Bill Clinton, Inc.

This is the socialist corruption that I have been warning Americans about. It is a corruption hidden behind the facade of Sustainable Development and social justice.

During my campaign for the U.S. Senate (on the ballot 2012) in Florida, I warned Americans that they needed to recognize socialism in their local, state and federal programs– as it operates behind titles that sound good, such as “Smart,” “Consensus,” “Sustainable,”– all made to deceive the public into thinking that these taxpayer-funded programs are good for us– when in fact they are undermining our freedom, sovereignty and human rights under the natural law.

Save yourself. Save your children. Save the future of this nation. Vote for Donald J. Trump.

Someone has to say the truth…

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PANDORA’S BOX EXPLODES: Socialism in America

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

America’s hands are tied by the socialists who have taken over our nation

Americans are walking around these days overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at them about the corruption taking place at the highest levels of the U.S. government.

In less than a week, Pandora’s Box has exploded– and corruption is being revealed from every corner in Washington and across this nation.

This is socialism in action, unfolding before your very eyes.  Socialism has been working its way through all levels of government, and it is giving the American people a taste of the tyranny that will follow. I am a survivor of communism. As such, I speak from experience.

Here are just a couple of examples of socialist corruption revealed in the course of this past week:

→ U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to comply with leading members of Congress in answering questions about the 1.7 billion dollars in cash that was  secretly flown to Iran earlier this year. The accusations are that Lynch has “pleaded the fifth” Amendment in order to avoid incriminating herself in connection with the money delivered by Obama’s administration to the extremist Islamic thugs in the Iranian government.

→ James Comey, Director of the FBI, has reopened (some say, continued) the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which could lead to an indictment for her acts / negligence involving classified and sensitive information.

Excerpt from today’s Wall Street Journal:

Investigators found 650,000 emails on a laptop used by former Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide, and underlying metadata suggests thousands of those messages could have been sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter.”

In the meantime, the globalist socialist element that makes up the Republican establishment has declared a war on Trump, because he represents the end of their lies, corruption and political pantomimes in Washington DC.

This is what socialism looks like. It is deceptive at best and repulsive at worst.

Save yourselves and your loved ones. Save this nation. Vote for Donald J. Trump.

Someone has to say the truth…

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ESPRESSO WITH MARIELENA: And the Dead Shall Rise to Vote for Hillary…

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated campaign is falling apart. It is being held by safety pins, which are coming off, one by one.  This Sunday morning she was spotted campaigning at a bar in Florida. What a place for a woman to spend the Lord’s Day, as a so-called devout Methodist!

The Chicago Tribune has published a piece titled “Democrats should ask Clinton to Step Aside.”

Investigative reports have filmed her operatives planning and inciting disruption and violence at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

The memory of her legal representation of a child rapist (as a favor to a colleague) follows her everywhere she goes.

Her publicly exposed fainting and stumbling episodes, as well as her chronic cough and publicly confirmed pneumonia have raised constant questions about her health.

In addition, her embarrassing and abysmal record as Secretary of State includes:

Death and destruction in the Middle East.

The advancement of China as the world’s leader in the implementation of socialist Sustainable Development laws, which restrict the sovereignty and human rights of entire nations.

The death of four innocent Americans abandoned by her in Benghazi, and her lies to the parents of the four victims.

The inability to deal with Russia and its aggressive geographic and economic takeover of entire regions.

The list of Hillary Clinton’s liberal-Marxist-corrupt agenda goes back to her days in college, when she took her first steps by writing her thesis on Saul Alinsky, the mastermind of Marxist social unrest and violence in the United States.

The following is an excerpt of a Washington Post piece published on July 20, 2016 titled, “Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky and Lucifer, explained”:

“Clinton also brought Alinsky to Wellesley in 1969 to deliver a speech. And in her thesis, she refers to his “compelling personality” and “his exceptional charm,” according the NBC’s Bill Dedman, who also read the thesis in 2007.”

Now James Comey, Director of the FBI, has relaunched an investigation on her emails, as a result of her very close association and work with Huma Abedin, who appears to have been sharing her computer / device with her sexual pervert husband, Anthony Weiner, who is also under investigation by the FBI for conducting sexually explicit communications with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia by intellectual-activist Muslim parents. Her father founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs (her mother is the editor-in-chief). Abedin has been closely working with Hillary Clinton for nearly two decades, including as deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.  Currently, Abedin serves as vice-chairwoman in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The list of examples of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt political activities and environment goes on and on, covering a span of more than 30 years.

It will take more illegal activity, such as the Democrats’ list of dead voters to get her elected.

Save yourself, your family and the future of the United States, and don’t let your guard down. Vote for Donald J. Trump– because the dead shall rise and vote for Hillary.

Someone has to say the truth…

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IT ISN’T JUST BILL… Another sexual pervert may hammer last nail in Hillary Clinton’s Ill-Fated Campaign

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Nefertiti’s Tomb

I had just boarded a metro train in Washington DC on a balmy summer afternoon in 2011, when I noticed the Washington Post’s Express on the floor across the aisle. The front cover displayed breaking news of the disgraced former congressman from New York, Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger)– with a featured photo of Weiner wiping a tear, while admitting that he lied about having tweeted a lewd picture of himself.  

Anthony Weiner is married to Huma Abedin, vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for President and former deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State, from 2009 to 2013.  Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner separated after his most recent public scandal, as noted by the New York Times in an article titled, “Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner to Separate after his Latest Sexting Scandal” Aug. 29, 2016:

“After accompanying Mrs. Clinton to fund-raisers, Ms. Abedin learned from her husband, Anthony D. Weiner, that The New York Post was about to report that he had again exchanged lewd messages with a woman on social media: the sort of behavior that destroyed his congressional career and 2013 mayoral campaign.

Only this time, the online indiscretions included an image of Mr. Weiner’s crotch as he lay next to the couple’s 4-year-old son.”

Five years later, Anthony Weiner is front page news again, but this time with an unexpected twist:  the FBI’s investigation of Weiner’s online sexual activities with a minor (a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina) has led to an unexpected reopening of their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s reckless use and mismanagement of emails during her time as U.S. Secretary of State.  This is akin to excavating for vases and finding Nefertiti’s tomb.

The above situation appears to be sheer happenstance, since the FBI had closed the book on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation earlier this year, much to the astonishment and disgust of law abiding American citizens across this nation.

The last few weeks

I have chosen to sit back and refrain from commenting during the last few weeks, in order to carefully observe the reaction of various hypocritical establishment Republicans, who have turned their backs on Trump’s victorious political campaign, while claiming that their moral values are much too high to be around Trump.

The level of hypocrisy of these Republican legislators is absolutely sickening.

These farcical “stalwarts” of morality are nothing but corrupt opportunists collecting money taken out of the paychecks of hardworking American citizens.

These Republican hypocrites who claim to represent our interests in Washington have stood by silently– and at times openly endorsed other corrupt politicians and immoral judges involved in every immoral lifestyle and act of treachery known to man– which is a reality in Capitol Hill’s Republican globalist socialist circles.

As such, I see it as a very positive event that these corrupt Republicans have moved away from Trump. In fact, I dare say, good riddance!

Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner in the same sentence

Corruption and filth beget corruption and filth. That is why Hillary Clinton’s corrupt presidential campaign will be further eclipsed by the company she keeps– since it turns out that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were sharing a computer which contained information on Weiner’s filth and Hillary Clinton’s reckless and corrupt activities as U.S. Secretary of State.  Donald Trump warned that this would happen in the following two prophetic tweets, on August 3 and August 31, 2015:

It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world.”–  Donald J. Trump, Aug. 3, 2015 (image of tweet provided below).


Huma Abedin, the top aide to Hillary Clinton and the wife of perv sleaze bag Anthony Weiner, was a major security risk as a collector of info.”– Donald J. Trump, August 31, 2015 (image of tweet provided below).


The hypocritical Republicans who have turned their backs on Trump have egg on their faces, given today’s breaking news– which supports Trump’s 2015 warning that this filth and corruption would eventually explode.

Donald Trump will emerge victorious

As I’ve said in previous commentaries, Donald J. Trump may be an imperfect man in his private life, under the scrutiny of the media– but I have yet to meet ANYONE with a perfect private life (neither have you)– even with the benefit of no media scrutiny.  But when it comes to his political life during the 2016 Presidential Election, it is undeniable that Trump has risen above his material life, in order to do something much greater than himself: to save America from the current grip of socialism and corruption. Not only does this characterize him as a good man, but if you help him save this nation with your vote, he may very well go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents.

Someone has to say the truth…

October 28, 2016
Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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Hillary Clinton, FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails as U.S. Secretary of State, Anthony Weiner.

Hillary Clinton is an overrated and irrelevant candidate who needs to put her old crayons away

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

How can this boring, uninspiring and unimaginative woman think she can represent blacks and other minorities?

Hillary Clinton delivered today one of her predictable snail’s pace speeches, directed at the people that Democrats have used and ignored for decades: blacks and other minorities.

With the shortest amount of words per minute (as if blacks and other minorities are not smart enough to handle more words) she concentrated, practically throughout the entire speech, on promoting racial division among Americans of every color and background.

Her agenda is based on reminding each and everyone of us to keep looking at the color of our skin. As such, Hillary Clinton lives inside an old box of color crayons– and she is incapable of thinking outside that box.

It is shameful to watch Hillary Clinton, a woman who has lived a privileged life, who has never walked in the shoes of blacks, hispanics, or any other minority in this country– trying to further confuse and mislead us.

Hillary Clinton’s record of defending an accused child rapist (whose polygraph test results she did not even trust), of calling blacks “super-predators”– while giving speeches to Wall Street billionaires, of supporting abortion, which is a dagger in the heart of black communities across America– clearly shows a woman whose ACTIONS are disrespectful to blacks and victims of violence, as well as the most vulnerable victims in our communities.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in serving blacks, as well as other minorities and the poor– should be actively and consistently seen throughout her life in the neighborhoods where these vulnerable people live and suffer.

… by holding the hand of a pregnant black woman and offering help so she can keep her baby, and not resort to abortion.

…by supporting policies that protect minority communities, with the life-affirming dignity and respect that they deserve.

… by respecting the traditions of American blacks, whose roots and ancient teachings from Africa reject homosexuality and abortion.

Hillary Clinton is not interested in these life-affirming actions.

You see, Hillary Clinton is too busy with her color crayons to know this important fact: time and again, African leaders kick out UN emissaries (whether they are Americans or Europeans) when they enter the African countries promoting homosexual “marriage” and abortion. When Barack Obama visited Kenya, newspaper editorials were written telling him to take his liberal social agenda elsewhere– because homosexuality and abortion is against their African tribal and religious traditions, which affirm life.

Hillary Clinton does not respect the traditions of hispanics and other minorities, who overwhelmingly reject the liberal “social” agenda of homosexuality and abortion, based on the richness of their indigenous, cultural and religious values, regardless of their racial mix.

I speak from experience.

This is how blacks are treated in Cuba by people who support Hillary Clinton's socialist agenda.
This is how blacks are treated in Cuba by people who support Hillary Clinton’s socialist agenda.

I was born and raised in Cuba– an island with a rich racial mix, whose colors have been painted into a 57-year long brutal communist canvas that enslaved the Cuban people into submission. This is why I am in this country. Because I don’t want to be reminded every day about the color of my skin– and when somebody does, I want the freedom to express my disgust over it.

This is another example of how a black peaceful protester is treated in Cuba by those who support Hillary Clinton’s socialist agenda.

But this is not what Hillary Clinton wants.

Hillary Clinton wants us to remain inside her box of color crayons, where she can pick and choose the color of the day, in order to manipulate us and use us for her socialist agenda.

Oh, but of course, she will tell you that as a lawyer she did this-and-that-and-the-other for minorities, in a court of law. That’s what politicians always tell you– and Washington is filled to the brim with politicians who are lawyers and liars, who falsely claim that they are advancing our rights, while collecting hefty paychecks from our wallets.

After decades of Democrats (mostly lawyers, like Hillary Clinton) running major cities– the plight of poor black Americans and other minorities has reached a critical stage.

And what is a Democrat-politician-lawyer like Hillary Clinton to do when the situation reaches a critical stage?

She creates more division.

And division is what leads to chaos and confusion– even among blacks.

I know this from experience, because as a survivor of communism in Cuba I witnessed the inhumane ways in which blacks are treated and divided.

That is what communists do. It’s an old rule: Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Unfortunately, it works– until people rise against it and take control of their lives.

Why do I bring up communism again?

Because Hillary Clinton is a socialist– and socialism is nothing but the stage before communism takes over— and I cannot say this enough. But let’s get back to Hillary Clinton, the overrated “public servant.” Allow me to sum it up.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in serving the poor and minorities does not deliver speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars for Wall Street billionaires, like Hillary Clinton has done. Talk about lining her pockets!

A public servant who is genuinely sincere about helping victims of sexual violence does not defend an accused child rapist, as a “favor” to a colleague.

A public servant who is genuinely interested in the improvement of black neighborhoods does not promote abortion, which hurts the American black population in the deepest of ways– because it is also an attack on the continuation of the black American community and their traditions. Every time a black baby is killed by an abortionist, the black population loses the incredible potential of a human life who could contribute so much to society.

Hillary Clinton is rabidly pro-abortion.

Having run out of excuses and ways of deceiving blacks and other minorities, Hillary Clinton is now throwing out another one of her “vast right-wing conspiracies” by decrying the national movements that are taking place ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This being the case, then Hillary Clinton should wake up to the fact that she is completely outnumbered and out of touch– because nationalism is neither right, left, center, black, white or any other color.

Nationalism is born out of the God-given instinct of preservation expressed by people of every color and creed all over the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America— everywhere!) who wish to protect their borders, their language, their culture– and their lives.

Again, nationalism is a God-given instinct— which man has asserted since ancient time, in order to avoid barbarism from destroying peace and stability in their society.

But apparently Hillary Clinton is facing a serious setback in her ability to think things through, by failing to understand history and the indomitable human spirit.

This inability to think things through happens to people who lie a lot. So Hillary Clinton is left with nothing but simplistic and divisive racial rhetoric as the main message of her campaign– because she has nothing else to offer.

Blacks in America do not need Hillary Clinton.

Blacks in America need to live with the dignity and respect that is their God-given birthright– and Hillary Clinton cannot give them that.

This same measure of humanity applies to Mexicans and all other minorities in this country. A measure of humanity that Hillary Clinton does not understand nor respect– and her trail of bad choices and bad actions are living proof that she is an overrated participant in the Democrat-Socialist agenda of Washington DC.

As a lawyer, Hillary Clinton will continue to paint a picture of racial divide on her legal pad, using her old box of crayons. Her agenda is irrelevant to what Americans need regardless of color– in order to live safe, peaceful and productive lives.

Someone has to say the truth…

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Hillary Clinton, Racism, Hillary Clinton is boring, uninspiring and unimaginative, Hillary Clinton is a socialist manipulator of skin colors.


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FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY BRIEFCASE: Hillary Clinton chats about her defense of accused child rapist

Look what I found at the bottom of my briefcase:

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Hillary Clinton, Accused child rapist case.

A Message to Millennials from a Survivor of Communism regarding the 2016 Presidential Election

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Please SHARE this urgent message with all. Now. 
There's no time to waste.

Millennials, I survived communism, so please take heed:

Hillary Clinton will destroy your future, so will Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, neither of whom can win. All three present socialist plans offering things that they simply cannot deliver. That’s what socialists do. They lure you in and then they choke you. Socialism is Phase One of communism.

Don’t sell your life to a world of corruption.  Your only hope to live a life of freedom and fairness is to vote for Donald Trump.

Someone has to say the truth…

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A Message to Millennials from a Survivor of Communism regarding the 2016 Presidential Election, Millennials, Socialism, Socialists, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Donald J. Trump, Marielena Montesino de Stuart, Communism, 2016 Presidential Election.

MEDIEVAL CIRCUS: People boo and jeer each time Nita Lowey says Hillary Clinton

The 2016 Democratic National Convention is looking more like a medieval circus! Will jousting come next?

Reporters on the convention floor are indicating that people are having their Bernie Sanders signs confiscated. Whoa!

Someone has to say the truth…

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THE SNAKES IN THE GRASS: Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and their coterie of supporters and advisers

Reading time: +/- 1 1/2 minutes

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Our country is sinking rapidly into socialist quicksand. It is urgent that Americans identify the snakes in the grass.

Political Suicide

For years I have been publicly expressing my disgust with Ted Cruz. Last night, Ted Cruz reaffirmed how small he is and committed political suicide– and so has his small band of advisers, as well as ardent supporters like Mark Levin, who is not a politician– but who appears to fool people every day on his radio show by claiming to be a “conservative” and a “constitutionalist.”

Most of these “Cruzers” have supported candidates who are not conservatives, socially or economically.

Remember when Mark Levin threw his weight behind Adam Hasner in the 2012 Florida U.S. Senate race?

I do– and so should you! 

Adam Hasner had to drop out of the 2012 U.S. Senate race because Floridians could not tell the difference between him and a liberal Democrat!


Here is Mark Levin’s comment supporting Ted Cruz’s deplorable behavior last night at the Republican National Convention by endorsing a so-called “conservative” publication which encourages so-called “conservatives” “…to look past the top-of-the-ballot choice for a single election cycle and just cheerlead the jerseys on the field that given day…”

Mark Levin supports TEd Cruz's speech at 2016 Republican National Convention - Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 11.36.40 AM

It is urgent that Americans learn to identify the snakes in the grass: Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and their coterie of supporters and advisers– in light of the perilous state that our nation is in, with division, violence, terror and chaos, in other words– socialism!

Someone has to say the truth…

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Learn to identify the snakes in the grass, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Snakes, Ted Cruz is the snake that Trump warned us about.