Total Chaos at 2016 Democratic Convention, people protest when they hear the name Hillary Clinton

Things are out of control at the 2016 Democratic Convention– to the point that the speakers seem to be avoiding the name Hillary Clinton– because the crowd erupts in boos and jeers each time her name is mentioned! It reminds me of an I Love Lucy episode “Females are Fabulous.” Google it.

There are people in the crowd with signs opposing the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Bernie Sanders’ supporters are furious– and they are not holding anything back. They keep cheering for Bernie.

Elijah Cummings can hardly get a word in. People are screaming STOP TPP!, STOP TPP! Cummings looks very nervous.

A woman in the audience has her mouth taped with the word “SILENCED.”


Someone has to say the truth…

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Someone has to say the truth... © Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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