Great speech by Donald Trump in New York City announcing VP Mike Pence

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

BRIEF REPORT: Saturday, July 16, 2016

Donald Trump is speaking sans teleprompters and delivering a very strong message in support of law and order, religious expression, economic growth and putting an end to Islamic terrorism. Trump is presenting Mike Pence as his choice for Vice President to accomplish the above plan. 

Trump expressed his resolve to destroy the Islamic terrorism that is responsible for the massacres in Nice and in so many other parts of the world, including on our own soil.

Trump announced Mike Pence as the running mate that can help him deliver a safe and prosperous society.

Mike Pence is speaking and delivering a strong and serene message promising to destroy our evil enemies. He also spoke in support of the sanctity of life. Pence is asking that Americans join him and Trump for the sake of our security and our prosperity.

Trump is the only chance Americans have to save this country from the current violent descent into a socialist abyss of corruption, immorality and violence.
Someone has to say the truth…

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