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Chaos and Terror in Orlando

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

“Stand up for what is right.”

Our country is witnessing once more the senseless loss of life resulting from a world that has descended into chaos and Islamic terror.

The violent murders that took place in Orlando at the hands of a home-grown Islamic terrorist during the early morning hours of Sunday is an example of the chaotic environment of our society, including the inability of our government officials to denounce this chaos and terror without politically correct overtures, which have nothing to do with the safety of our citizens and a stable society.

UPDATE June 14, 2016:

According to reports (referenced at the bottom of this article) the Islamic-extremist shooter is also described as having “gay tendencies” by his ex-wife and others who interacted with him through homosexual dating apps and homosexual clubs that he frequented.

UPDATE June 19, 2016:

Excerpt from Time Magazine, June 18, 2016]:

Kenneth Lewis, an assistant state attorney, called nightclub patrons “3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs,” the Orlando Sentinel reported.

“All Orlando nightclubs should be permanently closed. With our [sic] without random gunmen they are zoos,; utter cesspools of debauchery,” Lewis wrote in a second post.

FOR MY INTERNATIONAL READERS: Debauchery is defined by the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, as follows:


A life of self-absorption and debauchery

DISSIPATION, degeneracy, corruption, vice, depravity; immodesty, 
indecency, perversion, iniquity, wickedness, sinfulness, impropriety, 
immorality; lasciviousness, salaciousness, lechery, lewdness, lust, 
promiscuity, wantonness, profligacy; decadence, intemperance, 
sybaritism; formal turpitude.

Kenneth Lewis has been suspended as Assistant State Attorney after expressing his views through social media. Mr. Lewis works as a prosecutor for the Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit , which covers the counties of Orange (where Orlando is located) and Osceola.

Here’s the announcement of Kenneth Lewis’s suspension on the Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit Twitter page:



In the mean time, it is noteworthy that the Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Twitter account offers the following description [yellow highlight added for emphasis]:

State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit @SAO9Florida

Led by State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton. We seek justice for citizens, ensure that victims of crime have a chance to be heard, and stand up for what is right.



It is also noteworthy that the Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit receives about 100,000 cases a year from law enforcement. As such, Kenneth Lewis’s experience should be heard, as a public official dealing with the crime and corruption that results from social chaos in the Ninth Judicial District.

The following is an excerpt from the “About Us” page on the website of the Office of the State Attorney  for the Ninth Judicial Circuit [bold added for emphasis]:

About Us

The State of Florida is represented in 20 judicial circuits by the elected State Attorneys. The Ninth Circuit State Attorney’s Office serves Orange and Osceola counties. The primary role of the State Attorney is to represent the State of Florida in the criminal court system. The State Attorney reviews criminal investigations conducted by law enforcement, decides if criminal charges are necessary and then presents the cases in criminal court.

Our team is made up of more than 155 prosecutors who work with our support staff and investigators to serve the nearly 1.4 million citizens living in the Greater Orlando area. In addition to overseeing the third-largest circuit in the state, the Ninth Circuit State Attorney’s Office also protects many of the 50 million tourists that visit Central Florida each year. On average we receive about 100,000 cases a year from law enforcement.

Islamic Extremists are On the March

Anyone listening to President Obama’s words during his visit to Orlando after the massacre would think that he’s got the solution for stopping ISIS. But in fact, his solution, as expressed in Orlando, is based in good part on warning Americans about how they should think and react to social chaos and the massacre committed by the home-grown Islamic extremist killer. This approach was also evident Tuesday, two days before visiting Orlando, when President Obama met with members of his national security team and came out scolding Republicans– while he boasted that his antiterrorism program is “making significant progress.”

But some of Obama’s top officials do not agree with his approach.

The following excerpt is from an article published by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday June 17, titled “Brennan’s ISIS Warning, the CIA chief gives the Senate the bad news that Obama won’t”—  outlining CIA Director John Brennan’s observations on the state of ISIS and Islamic extremist activities [yellow highlight added for emphasis]:

So it fell to CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday to backfill the bad news that Mr. Obama didn’t mention.

Mr. Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee in his prepared remarks that ISIS remains “a formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy.” He invoked the progress Mr. Obama did, which includes liberating ISIS-held terrain, targeting key leaders and a financial sting. Still, he observed that “our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach.”

So mull that over. After nearly two years of the U.S.-led campaign, Islamic State poses the same risk to civilians world-wide as it did before. “The group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, manpower and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly,” Mr. Brennan said.

We must take a moral stand

Our nation is disintegrating and falling into radical beliefs which are converging and overwhelming our towns and cities. It is up to each and every American to have the fortitude and character to take a moral stand. This is a battle between good and evil– and evil thrives in an environment of chaos and disorder.

Given the chaotic scenario described above, Americans need to take a very hard look at the values that they espouse.

The horrific massacre of 49 young persons in Orlando during the early morning hours of June 12 is not the only example of violent deaths in the county where Orlando is located. Pursuant to public information available from the State of Florida, Orange County has also lost 2,212 innocent and helpless human lives to abortions reported in the course of the last six months (Agency for Health Care Administration Reported Induced Terminations of Pregnancy (ITOP) 2016 Year to Date). 

Will our government continue to impose restrictions on its citizens based on political correctness, by refusing to denounce Islamic extremists, social chaos, as well as violence against the most helpless and vulnerable in our society?

Will the citizens of this nation continue to be put at risk because the government  is too afraid to speak the TRUTH?

The violence in Orlando is a window into what Hell looks like. As such, Americans must reject being pressured by judicial activists and government officials who want to make the citizens of this nation think that they cannot reason through this violence in a rational and natural way. Yes, we can– but only if we look deep into our souls and reconnect with God and the order that He created– not the disorder created by man.

It is high time that goodness should prevail, pursuant to the Commandments of God and the Natural Law– which binds all men for all time and in all circumstances. It is the only way that we can stop Islamic terror, social chaos and horrendous killings.

Everyone is talking about love and compassion– and these, indeed are virtuous words. But actions are what count. We must, just like the Florida State Attorney’s 9th Judicial Circuit Twitter page states, “stand up for what is right.”

Someone has to say the truth…

Marielena Montesino de Stuart
Sunday, June 12, 2016


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Assistant State Attorney, Kenneth Lewis, has been suspended from his job after expressing his views publicly through social media.

Assistant State Attorney, Kenneth Lewis works as a prosecutor for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, which covers the counties of Orange (where Orlando is located) and Osceola.

Excerpt from the “About Us” page on the website of the Office of the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit

Agency for Health Care Administration Reported Induced Terminations of Pregnancy (ITOP) 2016 — Year to Date


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