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GOP CNN Debate in Miami: No one will do anything about Cuba. Cruz and Rubio are hypocrites. Trump only cares about “deals”

For more than 50 years the Cuban community exiled in the United States has been lied to by politicians. Even Ronald Reagan made promises to us, which he broke. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio consider that Nelson Mandela was a great man. Nelson Mandela was a Communist terrorist and friend of Fidel Castro. Furthermore, their behavior as elected officials, including voting for Obama’s liberal judge, Todd M. Hughes, show that they cannot be trusted. When it comes to Donald Trump and Cuba… well he’s just interested in “deals”– not in the freedom of the Cuban people. Disgrace!

Someone has to say the truth…

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.


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Someone has to say the truth... © Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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