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 A Love Affair with Italy

27 February 2016

 THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH: The Ringmaster and the 2016 Race for the White House

26 February 2016

 Condemned by Karl Rove and the Corrupt GOP Establishment

25 February 2016

 Is Fox News Recalibrating your Conservative Brain?

24 February 2016

 IMMIGRATION MATTERS: Donald Trump wins overwhelming support from Latinos in Nevada Republican Entrance Polls

24 February 2016

 KEEP GITMO: Communism and Terrorism go Hand in Hand

23 February 2016

 Ted Cruz fails to convince Evangelicals in South Carolina… could these facts be the reason?

20 February 2016

 Donald Trump wants to Make the Vatican Great Again!

19 February 2016

 THE LAST SCENE: Celebrating love between one man and one woman

14 February 2016

 AFTER DEATH OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SCALIA– Can you trust US Senate Republicans with the next Supreme Court confirmation?

13 February 2016

 OBAMACARE: Planetary health policies and the Rockefeller Foundation

7 February 2016

 THE 2016 RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio the “New Conservatives”?

30 January 2016

 IMMIGRATION: Christian refugees are excluded while dangerous criminals and their families are protected

24 January 2016

 MADNESS: Some Catholics support Vladimir Putin

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