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Urgent message for my readers during this presidential campaign season


By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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Marielena Montesino de Stuart

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During the course of the next year you will be approaching a monumental decision, as you make your choice for the next president of the United States. Our government has reached such a dangerous stage– that it will take tremendous unity and strength to turn things around– with a leader who truly understands our priorities.

But the unity and strength of our nation cannot be based solely on the economy– as important as it is, particularly for those who are suffering financially. There’s something much more urgent than that– without which, nothing else can be accomplished: the value and defense of innocent human life as the foundation of a civilized society.

The public use and abuse of the term “pro-life”

The erosion of what it means to be pro-life must be urgently addressed.

At the beginning of the pro-life movement it was clearly established that the life of an unborn baby is sacred, regardless of the circumstances. Tragically, the pro-life movement was hijacked by some political activists and opportunists who have used it for financial gain– and in doing so have compromised the lives of millions of innocent babies who have been killed in abortion mills for decades. This is how the idea of “exceptions” in abortion started– which is nothing but a pretext for political expediency. Fortunately, there are still some organizations which remain steadfast to the original meaning of pro-life without exceptions.

It is time that we bring back uniformity and authenticity to the pro-life narrative– by exposing and explaining the falsehoods behind the “exceptions” pretext in abortion. I am convinced that if you take the time to read the information provided in the reference section below, you will be well-equipped to address the presidential candidate of your choice with critical information regarding abortion.

I am a woman of deep religious faith and place myself and my efforts in the hands of Almighty God. But if you are reading this as an agnostic or as an atheist– and feel that the existence of God is inconclusive, you are still bound to humanity, through all times and in all circumstances.

Great things have been achieved when the indomitable human spirit is allowed to soar for the good of others in a civilized society. The human mind and spirit lead to innovation and ways to create a better future. As such, every innocent human life counts. Imagine what we could have achieved in the United States alone if millions of lives had not been lost to abortion– a loss which now exceeds the population of the United Kingdom.

This monumental loss of human potential is our greatest enemy. Ultimately, it is the deep understanding and appreciation of this human potential that leads many to God.

To ignore the urgent need for the defense of innocent human life is to deny the value of our own existence.

It’s time to lift the fog… someone has to say the truth.

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.




Abortion: Correct Application of Natural Law Theory, by Dianne N. Irving, PhD

Abortion, Doctors and the Law


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