The dangerous population control agenda

By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

The population control agenda by organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Trilateral Commission and others, has brought a tragic decline in births– even in areas of the world which already have very low birth rates.

Italians, Spaniards and Greeks are not procreating. As a people and as a culture, each of these nationalities will see incredible cultural transformations as they are replaced by immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Fortunately, sub-Saharan Africa is still maintaining a healthy population growth, in spite of the Malthusian demographers’ invasion of the African continent.

But the world is being transformed very rapidly, both culturally and economically, by the powerful NGO’s behind the aforementioned foundations and “initiatives.”

So, enjoy the company of Italians, Spaniards, Greeks– and others, while they are still around to keep their cultures alive in their native lands.

Here is another liberal report grasping at anything– in order to justify population control:

Bye Bye, Baby | International Herald Tribune.


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